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Rey. Everything you do51午夜精品免费视频

"This will be your final test." Snoke's ancient voice boomed through the chamber, his giant hologram looming over Kylo Ren.Snoke continues. "You will capture the girl and make her your apprentice."Kylo tried to hide his frustration. Grateful for his mask. "I fear she won't obey me.""That is beside the point. Your very presence will drive her to the dark side. You will teach her to obey as one teaches a pet.""A Jedi is a dangerous pet.""That she is. That is why you have to break her. Train her first to obey your every command. Train her to serve you."Kylo nodded. He felt… uncertain. But he knew certain psychological techniques that would force any mind to obey. But would they work on a Jedi? Rey was still largely untrained, only a few months with Luke Skywalker. Kylo was far more powerful than when he last saw Rey. He would break her. Bend her will to his own.—Everything happened so fast.Chewbacca was in the pilot's seat. They were on an eight hour flight to the Dagobah system, where the rebels had placed a new hideout. For once, Rey thought, things were going her way. She had been training with Luke Skywalker for a few months before the resistance called him. Rey would make a quick flight with Chewbacca to the rebel base, while Luke went to an important meeting with his sister, General Organa.Rey was sitting in the Millennium Falcon crew area, focusing intensely on the game of chess. Poe was across from her. Her piece had just smashed his and was doing a victory dance.Finn was napping on the other side of the crew quarters. He laughed at Poe's defeat. "Again? Stick to what you're good at, Poe."Poe shook his head. "One more time!" He looked at Rey with mock suspicion in his eyes. "I'm on to your tactics.""Do the victory dance, Rey," Finn quipped.Rey threw her hands up in the air. "I'm not using the force! You can't blame the force every time you lose, Poe." She smiled."It's refreshing to see you smile. I'll be a happy loser if it means seeing your face light up like that."BANG BANG BANG! The ship shook. Rey fell forward into Po. Finn popped to his feet and the three of them rushed into the cockpit.Chewbacca roared. Rey pushed buttons and levers on the control panel. "It's not working. We're caught in a tractor beam and the controls are disabled."The four of them are silent.Finn got up and moved to the armory. "If it's the First Order, I won't be captured alive. I'll die before they get me."Rey ran after him. "Finn! We'll fight together! We'll escape together!"The ship stopped abruptly. Finn, Poe, Chewbacca, and Rey take cover positions. The two men armed with blasters. Rey armed with her light saber. Chewbacca had his Bowcaster, ready to wreak havoc on anyone or anything that came through the door."I got a bad feeling about this," Poe said. The ship was dark. There was no movement. Rey tried to focus her mind and use the force. She felt a dark, familiar presence. Her pulse quickened. Her breath felt loud in her ears.She tried to calm herself again. Breathing deeply and recalling the Jedi mantra… She didn't succeed before the door WHOOSHED open and Storm Troopers in their gleaming white armor poured through the door.Chewbacca took out the first ones through the door with his Bowcaster. Their white, plastic bodies went flying back. Six more poured in immediately after. They engaged in a vicious firefight.A blast hit Finn in his shoulder. He fell back, taking cover behind the chess game.Suddenly, a black, malevolent figure came through the door. Poe shot at it and the blast froze in the air. Everything froze. The feeling of dread Rey had intensified. She wanted to pull her light saber out and strike him down, like she did in the forest in their last encounter.Kylo Ren stood in the middle of the crew area. The four passengers were frozen, unable to move anything but their eyes. Kylo stopped in front of Poe."This is the second time you tried to kill me, pilot. And failed." Kylo raises his hand toward the chess game and it goes flying across the ship. It lands with a heavy thump. "I always hated that game."Kylo moves in front of Chewbacca, who roars. "My old friend. Last time we met, you tried to kill me. Look at this. An entire ship of murderers, thieves, and traitors." He takes the Bowcaster from Chewbacca's arms. He waves it around the ship. "I've always wanted to try this."Captain Phasma enters, followed by a squad of Storm Troopers. "Sir, what do you want us to do with the prisoners?"Kylo motions to Poe and Finn. "Take those two and put them in a cell. Then leave me."Phasma nods and motions to the Storm Troopers. They grab Poe and Finn and haul them off the ship. Poe struggles and the troopers hit him, knocking him to his knees.Finn struggles against his captors. "Poe! Don't you dare hurt him!"Kylo Ren holds his hand out and force chokes Finn. "Silence, traitor. You have no rights. You forfeited your life when you chose to help the rebel scum. Take them away. Now. Before I kill them both."The storm troopers leave with Poe and Finn. Kylo Ren continues to wave the Bowcaster. Chewbacca and Rey still force frozen."My dear friend. I'll miss you." Kylo Ren shoots Chewbacca with the Bowcaster. Chewbacca wails as he is thrown against the walls of the ship. He is bleeding from a gaping chest wound.Rey screams. "No! You monster! You monster.""Silence, Rey." Rey feels her throat constrict. She remembers how she fought back against him before. She focuses. "You will release me."Kylo Ren laughs. "I'm a lot stronger than last time we met. Save your amateur tricks for the weak of mind.""How could you do this? You killed him!"Kylo drops the Bowcaster and stalks towards Rey. He smacks her in the face. She falls back, still force frozen, and looks at him in shock. "You all tried to kill me. You tried to kill me. You betrayed me. You took what was mine." He grabs Rey's light saber and attaches it to his belt. He pushes down on Rey's shoulder and forces her to her knees. "And now I'll take everything from you.""You'll have nothing from me!" Rey spat.Kylo laughs. "You'll give me everything. Freely. You will call me Master.""I will do no such thing.""Every pet needs to be trained."Kylo enters the cockpit. This is the place where his father piloted Luke Skywalker, where he spent his youth, smuggling. Kylo almost feels… nostalgia. But no. He doesn't miss it. In fact, it enrages him. He pulls out his light saber. It fires up with an unsteady crackling, a chaotic sound. He slashes at the control panel, the windows, the seats. He tears the place up.Finally, he stops. His heavy breathing the only sound in the cockpit. He moves back into the crew quarters, where Rey is still on her knees. She looks terrified. Her eyes dart quickly between him and the floor. Not wanting to look at him, scared, frightened of his sudden rage."It's finally time to put this scrap heap in the garbage.""It was your father's ship… how could you be such a monster…""You haven't seen what a monster I can be. You haven't seen anything yet."Kylo Ren walks through the hallways of Starkiller Base. He carries something in his hand - a chain that leads to Rey's neck. Rey's hands are tied behind her back and she stumbles to keep up with Kylo's pace.Captain Phasma waits with a squad of soldiers. "Sir! The prisoners are secured."Kylo barely pauses to address her. "Great. Now get rid of that piece of trash in the hangar."Phasma salutes. Kylo ignores her and leaves with Rey trailing behind.Further down the cold corridor of Starkiller Base, Rey tries to talk. "Where are you taking me?"Kylo yanks on the chain and keeps walking, ignoring her. Rey yelps as the collar forces her to follow his brisk pace. "Kylo Ren! Ben! Stop!"Kylo stops in his tracks."Where are you taking me? Where are the others?""Don't call me that again.""Call you what? Ben? It's your real name. It's who you really are! Before you became a monster.""If you call me that one more time, there will be consequences.""What can be worse than being captured by you?"Even through his mask, Rey could sense his smile. "You're right. This is the worst thing that can happen to you." Kylo holds out his hand. Rey feel her throat constricting again. She rises into the air. "Do you like this?" Kylo asks. "Any time you disobey me, there will be pain. It's up to you." He releases her and she falls HARD onto the cold stone floor.Kylo continues walking and Rey is forced to trail behind him.The floor was cold and hard on Rey's knees. Her arms were tied behind her back uncomfortably tight. She was in an empty interrogation cell. Everything was all cold and hard surfaces."Call me master." Kylo Ren stood over her, cutting and imposing figure against harsh light. He wore his mask and Rey wasn't sure what she was more comfortable with. He seemed like an unstoppable monster with it on. Softer with it off… yet more frightening in some ways."I'll never call you that. You are nothing! You will never be Darth Vader!" Rey spat at him."You'll be my apprentice now. Call me master." Kylo Ren kept his temper in check. He wanted to be clear with her about her situation. Strangely, he found himself relaxed around her. She was completely under his thumb this time. He wouldn't be caught in such a weak moment like the last time they faced off."You're absolutely crazy.""Just remember that you made your choice. There are consequences for disobedience."The door whooshes open. Two stormtroopers step through carrying a prisoner. Poe Dameron had seen better days. His hair was matted with blood, his flight suit soaked with sweat, his skin bruised. The storm troopers threw him on the ground in front of Rey. Poe fell limply, no strength to keep himself up."Poe!" Rey shouted. "What have they done to you? What have you done to him, you monster!""Rey… don't worry about me. Don't give them anything!" Poe says.Kylo moves to Poe. He reaches down and grabs Poe's hair; forces him up to his knees. "I'm not going to use the force on you, Rey. Everything you do, I want you to do with your own will. But if you don't do what I tell you to do, your friends will suffer.""Poe! Please don't hurt him!" Rey screams. Tears stream down her face. Rey tries to get up and run to Poe - Kylo holds his hand out at her and uses the force to push her back to the ground - back to her knees.Kylo kneels in front of Poe. "They hurt you pretty bad," Kylo says gently."I've seen worse." Poe can barely stay uprightKylo chuckles. "You will see worse." Kylo holds his hand in front of Poe's face. Poe's eyes roll back into his head and he screams."Stop it! Please stop!" Rey shouts.Kylo lowers his hand and looks at Rey. "You want me to stop?""Please!""You know what to say." His voice is deep. Clam. Controlled."What… No… Why?" Rey shakes her head, confused. Conflicted."Have you so much pride that you can't say it? Not even to save your friend from needless pain?" Kylo waits a moment. Rey shakes as tears stream down her face. Kylo shakes his head and raises his hand—"Master!" Rey shouts. "Please stop hurting him.""Say it again. Beg me to stop.""Please, Master! Please don't hurt him!"Kylo pauses. He lets go of Poe. Poe drops to the floor. The two storm troopers enter. They haul Poe up and begin to drag him out.Rey cries. "Where are you taking him?"The door shuts. Silence. Rey is alone with him again. Kylo kneels in front of her. He caresses her face with his gloved hand."You're a monster…" Rey tries to get away from his grasp.Kylo shakes his head. He lifts his hands to his helmet, presses two buttons and removes it. His black hair frames his youthful face. He lets the helmet fall to the floor with a THUMP. "A monster? No. I'm your master now, Rey. I own you. You have no power here."Kylo places both hands around her face, forcing her to look at him. "When you speak to me, you will begin with Master. Now practice. Say, yes, master."Rey blinks. Hesitates."Or, I can bring him back in and you can have a first class ticket to see Poe Dameron suffer and waste away in agony.""What will you do if I comply?""We'll give him a job. Under maximum security, of course. But he won't suffer." Kylo holds her face tighter, brings it close to his own. Rey starts to lose her balance and almost falls into his chest. "Now say it, Rey. If you say anything other than "yes, master" I will bring him back and cut off his right hand. Then he'll never fly again. All because you had too much pride to comply with my simple request."Kylo holds her face so close he can feel her breath on his skin. It's intoxicating to him. He watches as her eyes blink and and her face falls. Defeated. Then she breaths the words most delightful to his ears…"Yes, Master."Rey felt confused. What kind of game was Kylo playing? He had left her alone in a cell. Rey wasn't sure how much time had passed - a few hours? Maybe about a day? But she was hungry. The cell was basic. A small cot and a small toilet and sink. Not bad. She definitely seen worse.But she was getting frustrated. What happened to Finn and Poe? Rey rubs her arms. The cell was cold too. Everything at Starkiller base was cold.Rey ran her hands along the walls. The only exit was a small square where the door opened, but there was no way to pry into it. Rey couldn't stop pacing around the cell, searching for a weakness. Wishing there was somebody on the other side she could reach out too. She supposed that after escaping last time, Kylo Ren wouldn't make the same mistake of underestimating her. She'd have to be more creative.Just as she was about to give up searching, the door opens. Then he steps through. Kylo Ren. He wears his mask. Rey hates his mask.Kylo stops at the door. His figure filling the entire frame. He just stands there and waits. Rey contemplates rushing him… or using the force on him. Rey concentrates. Concentrates as much force as she can muster - intending to knock him backwards and rush him.He pushes back. Rey's face shows her determination, her will as she pushes against him. They engage in a battle of wills. Kylo holds his hand towards Rey - the strength of him pushing on every fiber of her being. Rey focuses, strains. But hunger, thirst, and exhaustion have taken more of a toll than she realized.Eventually her force gives way and she drops her guard, and SLAMS against the wall. She cries out. Slides down and onto the floor. Breathing hard; panting. She doesn't know what to do… and something tells her not to attack. Could she overwhelm him physically? She wished she could, but decided against it. Afraid of what he would do."You should be afraid of me," Kylo says through his mask. His voice deep and menacing.Rey glares up at him. She wants to retort… but knows that she has no room to stand on. She pulls her knees into her chest. Wraps her arms around her knees in an effort to comfort herself.She would keep looking for chances to escape. A frightening thought passed her mind that terrified her. It terrified her that she may be forced to cooperate with him. And where were Poe and Finn? She wants to cry. But she doesn't. She won't give him that satisfaction.Kylo raises his hands - Rey flinches - and removes his helmet. Rey felt a little silly for flinching. Kylo bends down and gently puts his helmet on the floor. He moves to Rey and kneels in front of her.Rey's back is against the wall. She contemplates hitting him, but she's afraid to touch him. Afraid he's like fire. She doesn't want to look at his face. Tries to look anywhere but his full lips… and deep eyes. What was she thinking? She suddenly preferred the mask.Kylo smiles. Reading her thoughts. He moves closer to her, puts a knee on both sides of hers and leans into her.Rey wants to melt away. To be anywhere else. Anywhere but here.Kylo takes his gloves off and sets them aside. "Rey." Rey squeezes her eyes shut. "Rey." She feels his bare fingers caress her face. "Rey, look at me."She doesn't want to see him. Looking upon his bare face caused her a discomfort she didn't quite understand. She feels both his hands on both sides of her face. Warmth radiates from them. It feels good and she wants to lean into it. Enjoy it. She opens her eyes. She can't forget this is her enemy.She stares into his face. Trying to maintain a severe glare. Remembering every bad thing he's ever done.He smiles. His face is warm and gentle. That's why she preferred the mask. It was disconcerting. Misleading."I'd like to invite you to dinner." He keeps his hands on her face.Rey blinks. Staring at him blankly. She is starving. "I can't eat with you."Kylo shakes his head. He continues caressing her face. Rey almost gets the gumption to smack his hands off — when he moves them down to her shoulders. Warming her cold skin. "I'm only asking as a courtesy. You will come to dinner with me."Rey shakes her head. Kylo runs his hands up and down her arms. They're so warm… Rey feels guilty because it feels good. She starts to raise her hands and push his hands away when he grabs her tightly, stopping her movement. Rey is confined against the wall, her knees pushed into her chest, and her arms pinned down by his."I'll never eat with you.""You're being ridiculous. Please - don't be difficult. I don't want everything to be bad between us. It doesn't have to be this way. It can be a lot easier."Kylo moves away. Stands up. Taking his warmth with him. Rey shivers."Get on your knees.""What? You're sick." Rey doesn't move. Remains huddled against the wall."Get. On. Your. Knees." he orders. Rey stares at him. Kylo sighs. "I thought we went over this?" He shakes his head. "I won't take my rage out on you, Rey. But I have your friends."This startles Rey. "No… don't hurt them."Kylo raises an eyebrow. He motions to the floor in front of him. Rey gets up from the wall and moves to get on her knees in front of him.Kylo smiles in satisfaction. He pulls out a collar - the same one from before. He places it around her neck and she feels it click ominously as it locks around her neck.Kylo walks a slow circle around her and pets her head. "I hope you understand my precaution. You're the one who tried to kill me. Remember? It was always you. You shot first in the forest. You left me for dead in the snow. You cut my face open. And you see yourself the victim."Rey felt confused. She wanted to brush off his comments. But it was true… she had shot at him first. But why wouldn't she? Why did he take it so personally?Kylo continues. "I fear to imagine what would happen were I at your mercy." He stops in front of her. Cups her face with his hands again. "I don't think you would show me the kindness I would bestow upon you."As Rey glares up at him, he pulls away. Picks up his gloves and puts them back on. Grabs his helmet and puts it back on his head."Stand up."Rey stands up, facing him. He about faces and leaves the room, pulling Rey behind him. Outside the door she can see about six stormtroopers standing guard. They nod to Kylo as he passes.This time, Rey keeps up with him easily. He leads her through a myriad of confusing corridors. Rey tries to take in everything she sees. Tries to memorize their route and look for an escape.They pass stormtroopers and other people dressed in black. People in uniform. Officers, she assumed? The people whose faces were showing merely looked at her coldly. Men and women. Some who look confused as they saw Kylo leading Rey on a leash.Rey couldn't help but feel a sting of embarrassment. Was this something that happened often at Starkiller Base? She didn't see anybody else on a leash, so she assumed not. But from the nonchalant attitudes of the people they passed, she guessed it wasn't entirely unorthodox.Something that would never happen in the rebel alliance and the republic. She reminded herself that that's what they were fighting for. Their basic humanity. She tried to steel herself inside so she could focus on escaping and staying strong through this ordeal.Finally, he lead her through a small, quiet corridor. Through a door that lead to his living quarters. The first thing Rey notices and is grateful for, is it's warm. She shivers from the temperature change.There is an elegant, ebony table in the middle of two black couches. An artificial fireplace with a hologram of fire, emanating warmth, is at the head of the room. The floors are hard wood, covered in red, black, and white rugs. Rey didn't know a room could be decorated so nicely on such a cold space station.There are two other doors - one leading to a bathroom, the other leading what she assumed was the bedroom. Rey shivered. Suddenly uncomfortable looking at his bedroom. Instead chooses to stare at the fireplace.Kylo drops the chain. It drops to the floor with a clang. He removes his helmet and places it on the mantle over the fireplace. Then he turns and faces her. She stands there awkwardly; uncertain, uncomfortable."I'm going to change my clothes. I want you to get on your knees and stay."Rey scoffs. Wondering was all this security so necessary?"What am I supposed to do?""You're supposed to wait here for me. On your knees."Rey glares at him, but he just stares back at her cooly. Waiting. Rey rolls her eyes. It severely wounds her pride. But she gets to her knees. Then shoots him a sharp look. He smirks. He moves to the bedroom. Starts to push the door shut, then looks back at her. "And I will know if you move. So be a good girl… Rey."He pushes the door shut, but leaves it open a crack. Rey is kneeling in front of the entrance, furthest from the fireplace. She wishes she could move closer to it. She hated herself right now. She didn't want to obey him, but she knew she had no choice. She had seen a few possibilities of escape. She just needed to get out of that cell and away from him. She knew she could do it. She just had to choose the right moment. Otherwise she may not have the strength… or freedom to escape.She senses him moving around his room. The longer he takes to change his clothes, the more angry it makes Rey. Her knees hurt. The collar on her neck weighed on her and she felt… humiliated. She wanted out of this… this trap. This prison.He comes out of the room, dressed in black slacks and a black, long sleeved shirt. All black. But more comfortable looking. The sight takes her breath away. He still looks like Kylo Ren… but he looks… well, he looks human. Rey has to remind herself who he is because she has trouble reconciling how he looks now with… the mask, the cape, the burning cross in his hands, striking down her friend."Why are you doing this to me?" she asks.Kylo just smiles. Sits down on the couch. Puts his feet up on the ebony table and his arms up on the top of the couch. Kylo stares at her. Enjoying the sight of her kneeling. Rey looks angry."Dinner will be here soon.""Why are you doing this to me?""Feeding you? Aren't you hungry?"Rey stands up, suddenly enraged. "Are you a coward?" Rey reaches up to the collar. "Why? Why all this?"Kylo runs his hand along the scar that marred his face. "Please get back on your knees, Rey. We're waiting for dinner.""No. I don't understand what's going on and I don't want to do this anymore."Kylo stands up. In a low, dangerous voice he says, "Rey, get back on your knees."Rey's heart beats fast. She wonders if this is her opportunity to escape? He's unarmed… no armor. No stormtroopers. Just them.Rey turns around towards the door and tries to open it. It's locked and won't budge. Requiring Kylo Ren personally to open it. She turns back and he looms above her. Her breath catches in her throat."Why are you doing this to me?" she breathes. Intimidated as he moves closer to her. He is more than a head taller than her and she is forced to look up at him.His voice is deep, but gentle. "Has it occurred to you, Rey, that I might be more afraid of you than you are of me? I haven't hurt you like you hurt me."Anxiety gnawed at the pit of Rey's stomach. He hadn't hurt her, had he? But he killed Han. He killed Chewbacca. Rey felt sick. Sick to be caught up in whatever he had planned for her.Rey steels her nerves. Tries to muster the force… feels nothing but a void. She pushes him anyway, as hard as she can, prepares to dart past him. She barely has time to wonder if she's forgotten how to use the force before he grabs her forearms and throws her to the ground. He grabs her arm and twists it behind her back, forces her down to the ground, back on to her sore knees."I've asked you nicely. Again and again. And it's always the same." Kylo releases her and moves to a small cabinet built into the wall. Takes something out of it. Rey stands back up, prepared to fight. She feels herself pushed back down by an invisible force.Kylo walks back to her. "You attacked me in my own home. This is a pattern. My life is in danger from you, while I've done you no harm.""That's crazy! You're a horrible monster.""And you insult me. Nobody ever taught you manner, Jakku scavenger?"Rey is unable to move now. Unable to talk. Completely immobilized by the power he exerts. He places wrist restraints on her arms, behind her back. Then he releases her from his hold… She breathes heavily, relieved of the pressure in her head.She tries to use the force again and…. nothing. A void. "What is this? Why can't I feel the force?"Kylo moves back to the couch. Lays across it and rests his head on his hands. "You haven't figured it out yet?""The collar?" Rey shakes her head. "That's impossible…"Kylo smirks. "Is it?"There is a buzz at the door. It startles Rey and she almost falls forward onto her face, but catches her balance with her knees. Kylo gets up and opens the door.Two civilians in crisp, white uniforms, wheel in a tray of food. The smell hits Rey's nose. It smells amazing and Rey's mouth waters. The civilians leave and Kylo pushes the tray to the middle of the room.Rey watches as he puts the trays of food onto the ebony table. He arranges trays of chicken, a plate of steaming vegetables, and some other sweet, succulent looking foods. Pink bubbly beverages. Kylo sits back down on the couch and looks at her.He holds up a succulent chicken leg. "Do you want some?"Rey's stomach grumbles. She nods. "Yes… I want some.""Yes, what? I've been lenient with you today. Remember what I taught you yesterday?"Rey wants to roll her eyes. But thinks of her stomach. Was it such a big deal? She swallows her pride, but mentally eye rolls. "Yes, Master. I want some food."He motions. "Come over here and get it."Rey starts to get up. Kylo stops her. "No, no, no. Don't get up. Crawl here on your knees."Rey glares. She decides she'd rather suffer and stays where she is. "Never mind. I don't want any.""Ah, but you do. And you'll come over here and get some."Rey shakes her head."You're really…. frustrating me. Okay. If you don't eat, your friends don't eat." He leans back and takes a bite of the chicken. "It's really good. I'd love to share this with you.""How do I know you're telling the truth? Where are my friends?""They're safe. I can prove it, but do you really want me to? I'd have to put my mask on and I won't be as gentle with them as I am with you. So come over here and eat. And your friends will thank you."Rey can't help but think this is so stupid. She walks over on her knees up to the edge of the ebony table. Stops and stares, mesmerized, at the food. Looks at Kylo."My hands?"Kylo shakes his head. He picks up a piece of chicken and holds it out to her. Presses it towards her lips. She shies away."What are you doing?""Rey, Rey, Rey. You are a slow learner." He holds out the chicken. "We had an agreement. Eat."Rey closes her eyes as he pushes the morsel into her mouth. It is most heavenly, buttery and delicious. In this moment, it is the best thing she's ever tasted. She enjoys the moment… until she opens her eyes and sees Kylo staring at her intensely. He picks up a piece of cheese and pushes it into her mouth.This continues in silence for a few more minutes. Then Kylo prepares her a plate of food and places it in front of her. She stares at it for a moment, realizing he expects her to eat it directly from the plate. She hesitates for a second, realizes she has no pride and buries her face in the plate. Eating carefully, but greedily.Kylo leans back, savoring his plate of food. Watching her curiously. She finishes her plate, licking it clean.Kylo finishes his plate and places it back on the table. He stacks dishes, his eyes darting from Rey back to the table, back to Rey. Finally he stops and asks, "Do you want to stay here tonight?"The question startles Rey, as she hadn't thought past the food."Why would I?"Kylo shrugs. "It's warm. It's more comfortable than your… Cell."Rey is suddenly exhausted. She wants to drop down and sleep. She wants the warmth, craves it. She thinks of her friends. Where were they? Were they comfortable? She shakes her head. "I want to be as far from you as possible."Kylo gets up. He grabs Rey by the shoulders and pulls her to her feet. He puts his arm around her waist and holds her against his body. "Do you?""Yes… Please, Kylo, please… let me go." Kylo raises his eye brow and Rey cringes. "Master…""You'll sleep here tonight."He releases Rey from his grasp and pushes her away. She suddenly feels colder. She starts to open her mouth to speak, but then he raises his hand over her face and she collapses into his arms. Unconscious. Asleep.Kylo picks her up and lays her on his couch. He takes off the wrist restraints and lays her on her back. He takes a moment to admire her serene face. He almost feels… compassion for her. Or sympathy? He almost feels bad about the pain he plans to put her through in the next few months.He smooths her hair back from her head, hoping she enjoyed the evening, since it will be the last comfort she feels for awhile.WARNING: This chapter is dark and contains NON-CONSENSUAL SEX. The next morning, Rey awakes. She feels warm, comfortable. A feeling of peace and well being. The events of yesterday far from her mind. She's dreaming of an ocean. A place of peace and happiness.As she comes to, she feels the couch beneath her. An unfamiliar feeling, far different, and far more comfortable than the abandoned AT-AT she usually sleeps in. It's her first realization that something isn't right.The second, is opening her eyes… to the sight of Kylo Ren's unmasked face looming over her staring down.His hair is tousled lightly and he wears loose fitting slacks with a loose black, long-sleeved shirt.He caresses the side of her face. "Good morning."Rey shoots up and scrambles away from him, perching and going over the arm rest of the couch. Kylo remains where he sits on the edge of the couch where she was sleeping.Rey immediately darts for the door. She forgets about the collar and the chain around her neck. She steps on the chain and it pulls the collar down, causing her to tumble face-first to the floor.She hears Kylo Ren's laughter. She pops back to her feet and darts to the door, finding it locked again. She runs her hands along it, finding no visible way of opening it.She turns back to Kylo. He remains sitting. He raises an eye brow at her franticness and her frustrated expression."Would you like some breakfast?" he asks.Such an innocuous question. Rey is more flustered and doesn't know how to answer. Rey's stomach rumbles. She is starving.She calms herself. Recognizes the fact that she needs to eat to maintain her strength. Especially if she's going to find a way to escape. She doesn't want to repeat what he did yesterday. So she just stands still next to the door as she answers."Yes. I want to eat."Kylo stands up and moves towards her, very slowly."To your knees, please," he asks gently.Rey's heart skips a beat. This, again? She's had enough of this. She knows she should just do it. Just cooperate, go to her knees, do whatever silly thing he wanted from her so that she could eat. But she's stubborn.The collar seems to get heavier around her neck, a humiliating reminder. Her practicality and stubbornness war with each other. Unfortunately, stubbornness wins out and she remains standing.Rey shakes her head. "No.""Why?""I don't want to," Rey says defiantly.Kylo stops in front of her. He stops so close to her that all she can see is his chest. She refuses to look up at him.He bends his head down and she can feel his breath in her ear. It makes her shudder. In a soft whisper he says, "You don't want to go to your knees. You don't want to please me?"Rey's stomach fluttered. A deep discomfort within her. "I hate you." She wanted to step away from him, but she stays out of stubbornness.Kylo smiles. Was he happy? Happy she hated him? He looks at her with that damned gentle expression on his face that confused her emotions. "You hate me? Do you really mean that?"Rey glares at him. "Yes. I hate you."Kylo's smile grows wider. "You know that hate leads to the dark side? I want you to join me in the dark side… Hating me. That's just the first step."Rey's heart dropped. He may as well have punched her because she was struck, knowing he was right. Was she heading over to the dark side? She wanted to cry. She didn't know how to fight him and any decision she made always seemed to lead to the same place.He opens his mind to her briefly. He shows her how much he enjoys pushing her around. He truly doesn't care if she cooperates or now. If she does, that's great. If she doesn't… that's just more fun.Kylo kisses her forehead. And this time, she does step back, wanting to get away from him — and is instantly force slammed against the wall. The breath knocked out of her lungs.She stares at him in horror. Kylo stands in the middle of the room, looking merely annoyed. He shakes his head. "What am I going to do with you? How am I going to teach you?""You're a monster!" Rey screams. "I won't learn from you and I will never be your apprentice. You're weak!"If her comments get to him, he doesn't show it. Merely stares, contemplating. Rey fights against the weight of his power, pushing her into the cold wall.Kylo Ren moves up to her, using his height to intimidate her. Staring down at her. "I want to be clear with you, Rey. I don't want any confusion between us. You need to understand that you are mine now."Kylo grabs Rey's legs and force them apart, pushing himself between them. He pushes her knees up towards the wall, holding them with the force."You will obey me, Rey. And you won't resist. You'll learn to serve me."Rey shakes her head. "I will never serve you.""You still won't even call me master. Even with your friends lives at stake." He pushes himself closer into her. He puts his hand between her legs, pressing gently on her vagina through her clothes.Tears stream down Rey's face. The force of his power pushing against her is overwhelming. She pushes back, using the force, but it takes a lot out of her. She's too emotional and can't focus properly.Kylo pushes his face into hers. As she blinks, she can feel his eyelashes against her own. It feels uncomfortably intimate."You're delusional and you're insane," she chokes out. She's panting and breathing hard now.Kylo abruptly moves his face away. He walks away from her briefly, leaving her suspended in the air. He comes back with his light saber. The red blade cackles to life.He holds the blade upside down between her legs. Rey can feel the heat, almost fire on her intimate parts. He holds it just close enough to burn her clothes. Kylo concentrates, uses the force to make sure he doesn't hurt her, but burns a big hole through her pants, leaving her vagina exposed.He tosses the saber onto the couch and stands between her legs. She is held against the wall by the force, her legs spread open to accommodate his mass between them, her knees pushed up against the wall so he has easy access to her most vulnerable spot."I don't like it when you call me names, Rey. You attack me, always. I only ever tried to be kind to you."He runs his finger lightly up her vagina. She shudders, feeling herself growing wet."Please… don't…" She squeezes her eyes shut, unable to look him in the face."Please don't what? Please be specific with me.""Don't do this, Kylo," she breaths. Her body is betraying her. Warmth is growing through her abdomen to where his touch lingers over her entrance."Don't fuck you?" His voice is deep and seductive, penetrating her with its deep bass… sensual and provocative.Rey shakes her head. "No. I don't want this."Kylo moves his hand to her face. The spot he was touching felt cold when his hand left. Forcing her to look at him. "Look at me and tell me you don't want me to fuck you."Rey opens her eyes. Looks into his deep, dark eyes. It affects her, looking into his face. She believes the compassion she sees there. Believes he will comply with her wishes."Please. I don't want you to fuck me," she says. She doesn't know how she could live with herself if that happens. It could be her first and possibly only time. And she's not ready for that.Kylo smiles and caresses her face gently. "Good." He drops his hands from her face and moves slightly away. Rey is still force pushed, hanging in the air against the wall, her knees drawn up and her vagina exposed.She feels relieved. Expecting to be released.Kylo begins removing some of his clothing. Unzips his trousers. Rey's heartbeat speeds up in alarm. "I'm glad you don't want this. I have a point to prove."He removes his member, which is hard and engorged with blood. He positions the tip of it at her entrance. Pauses. Makes sure she is making eye contact with him… The expression of betrayal and disbelief in her face pleases him.He rams his member into her. Rey gasps. The sudden fullness is shocking to her. An intense feeling balanced on the edges of both pleasure and pain. Her vagina nothing but a bundle of nerves being invaded by him… the pleasure spreading through her body. She can't talk. Can barely breath. Can feel her inner walls stretched over his member.Kylo Ren smirks at the pain and confusion in her face. He takes a moment to enjoy her utter vulnerability and helplessness. "Like I said. You don't want this." He pushes further and buries himself as deep as it will go. All the air leaves Rey's lungs.Kylo continues. "But look what's happening."He pumps himself brutally into her, pulling out and slamming back in, sending shockwaves of pleasure and pain through Rey's body. She can't help but moan and cry out."You don't have a choice. You don't have any power here." He pumps in and out furiously. "It doesn't matter what you want or don't want." Kylo continues ramming himself into her, pushing her to the edge of orgasm… "What matters is what I want."A few more pumps. "And if I want to fuck you…" Shockwaves of pleasure outweigh the pain and Rey moans in ecstasy, unable to think or process properly. "Then I am going to fuck you."He continues and Rey feels like she's going to explode. She forgets where she is, and who he is and is forced to enjoy the moment. He continues moving in and out of her at a quick pace…The tension builds in her and she EXPLODES. The most intensely pleasurable feeling she's ever had in her entire life. Kylo runs his hand along her vulnerable body.He puts his hands back over her face, looking into her eyes as the orgasm hits her and wracks her body. He continues, her pleasure peaking, exploding, and falling. He enjoys having her fully at his mercy. Can see in her eyes she's taken by the pleasure.He's never felt more powerful, more in control, than seeing the expression on her face… seeing the pleasure he is giving her. Feeling her walls constrict and squeeze around his member as experiences one orgasm after the other.Finally, he is unable to hold his own back. He releases… his pleasure a thick tidal wave… and he explodes into her. His cum filling her. Her vagina spasming around him and milking the thick semen out, practically sucking it out of him and into her vagina.Spent, he leans into her. Kissing her face, her jaw, her neck softly. Rey still experiences the lingering sensations of post orgasm. Kylo grinds his limp member into her, making her jump each time a nerve is activated.He knows she's t the point of pleasurable intensity that is almost torture. Unbearable pleasure. He can feel her body, can feel every sensation through the force.So he knows the torture she feels. And he wants to prolong it. He wants to see her writhe in pleasurable agony.He rips open her bodice. She gasps as the cold air hits her exposed breasts. He runs a hand down them, cups them, massages them. Then gently flicks and rubs her nipples, causing a sensation throughout her entire body. She twitches.She shakes her head. "Kylo, please…"Kylo sighs, breathing into her neck. "Please, what? You still haven't learned your lesson."He puts his arms around her and releases her from the wall. She falls into his arms, wrapping her own arms around his shoulders and her legs around her waist. Her face falls into his shoulder and she wants to cry. She thinks about puling away, but doesn't have the energy.She contemplates fighting, but she really doesn't understand what just happened. He sets her down on the floor. She tries to gather her clothing back together, to cover herself back up."Stop that. Put your hands down. Don't touch yourself."Rey just stares dumbly up at him. Her hands fall to her sides."Stay there while I clean up." He goes into the bathroom. She hears water running and some moving around.She tries to process what just happened, but her mind doesn't want to go back. She still feels it in her body, still feels his cock inside of her… the moistness, the tender nerves… She tries to make sense of her clothes… her pants are ripped but cover her lower half, but her top won't close and her breasts are exposed to the cool air.She closes her eyes. Feeling his hands on her nipples. Then shakes her head, trying to recover.Kylo comes back out of the bathroom. His clothes are back on, immaculate and he wears his helmet. Rey doesn't understand why her heart speeds up, seeing him back in his full uniform. His mask dark and impassive."I'm taking you back to your cell."Rey's mouth falls open. "What? Why?"Kylo moves to loom over her. "Get up."Rey stands, wrapping her arms around her, trying to cover herself. Her mind is confused and she is unable to think properly.He slaps her hands away from herself. "Don't cover yourself. If you do, I'll tie them behind your back."A knock on the door. Kylo waves and the door opens. The two same civilians in their crisp white suits enter, pushing a tray full of food.The smell of breakfast wafts over Rey's nose. Her stomach rumbles and her mouth waters. She remembers her exposed breasts and fights the urge to cover herself.She stares at the platter of food. The two civilians quickly exit the room.Kylo Ren picks up the end of the chain and begins walking towards the door.Rey's jaw falls open in protest. "Are we going to eat?""I'm not hungry anymore," he replies.The door open and Kylo Ren walks out. The collar tugs and Rey is forced to follow after him. The pull of the collar against her neck stopping her from saying anything.As he leads her down the corridors, Rey is conscious of her nudity. The hold in her pants and her ripped bodice… Moisture trickling between her legs. And the base was cold. She wanted to call out to him to stop before they ran into people.They enter a busy corridor. Stormtroopers and officers walk briskly. The stormtroopers with their blasters and officers with their coffee. Some of the officers shoot her lecherous glances. Smirking at her.She moves to wrap her arms around herself, to cover herself, but then he stops. Kylo Ren turns slowly. She can't see his face through the mask, but she knows he is looking right at her. Warning her.She drops her arms back to her sides. He turns back and they continue walking.They arrive at the same cell he took her from the previous evening. Six storm troopers stand guard. They salute Kylo Ren as he walks in."I'm bringing the prisoner back. You remember my precautions?"The lead storm trooper nods. "Understood sir. Absolutely no contact. Six of us at all times."The cell door opens. Before Kylo Ren leads her back in, he motions to the storm troopers. "Take the mattress out."Ever the dutiful soldiers, they walk in and haul out the thin mattress pad. Rey can already feel coldness emanating from the cell, pushing against her skin.Kylo pulls her in, using the chain to drag her and force her to follow. She expects to be left alone. But he waits…Then he pulls out his light saber. It CRACKLES to life. He uses it the same way he burned her pants. He slices through the rest of her clothing, burning through the belts that hold her garment together. They drop to the floor, singed, and pool around her feet.Rey feels herself frozen, force held again. Unable to move. Unable to cover her naked body.Kylo Ren picks up the clothes and tosses them to the stormtroopers."Get rid of these he orders."Rey glares. She tries to speak, but Kylo Ren constricts her throat and she's unable to convey anything other than an intense feeling of anger and frustration. And then the cold hits her. Makes her feel her nudity.Finally, Kylo Ren releases her. The door shuts. Rey is left alone.The collar is the only thing she wears now. The chain hanging down, heavy and awkward.The bed is left bare now - nothing but a hard metal grating. There's no comfort in this cell. Nothing to shield Rey's body from the cold metal grating of the floor and the empty bed frame.She feels the cold more because of the dampness between her thighs. The lingering sensation of Kylo Ren pushing himself, and spending himself inside of her.She doesn't know what to do as her heart sinks and she collapses to her knees. Sobs wracking her body.Kylo Ren is grateful for his mask. He stands in front of the cell he left her in. He touches the door. He can feel her pain, her distress.He is aware of the way her body shakes as she cries. He feels anxiety gnaw at the pit of his stomach, wondering if he went too far.He can also feel the anxiety of the stormtroopers standing guard. Wondering when he's going to leave. It interferes with his empathy for Rey. And he finally, but hesitantly, lowers his hand from the door.Turns briskly away and leaves. Feeling annoyance at the relief of the troopers on guard.Kylo feels bad for what he did to Rey. He has an uncertain feeling that he fucked up. That his temper got the best of him. He thought dominating her would make him more powerful, stronger. But it's left him weak. The uncertainty almost cripples him.He tries not to think about it as he travels to the hologram room for his meeting with Snoke. The giant hologram of Snoke dwarfs the smaller figure of Kylo Ren."I fear I may have gone too far with her."Snoke's voice booms through the room. "No, that's the light talking. Don't succumb to it. Continue what you are doing.""I want to keep move her closer to me. I don't want her so far away… in that little cell.""Be careful, Kylo Ren. That your compassion does not win over your loyalty and commitment to the dark side.""Master, nothing will interfere with my commitment to the dark side. Have I not proved myself enough to you by killing Han Solo?""You have done well. Do not be tempted to help the girl. Continue what you are doing and she will be on your side soon enough."He leaves Snoke's Holo-Chamber not feeling any better. Keep her in the cell for a day, he said. Kylo determines to wait til evening to retrieve her. But he has to distract himself.He talks to General Hux at the Tactical Operations Center (TOC)."Did you get anything out of Poe Dameron?" Kylo asks.Hux's eye twitches. He doesn't want to answer. But doesn't want to offend Snoke's immature apprentice."The pilot has remarkable ability to resist torture. But my people are working on it - finding his weaknesses.""I'll go in. What do you need to know?"Hux is quiet for a long moment. He doesn't want to give Kylo Ren a chance. He knows he'll succeed, but it's cheating. And gives Kylo more to lord against him. But he noticed that Kylo seemed abnormally subdued today.Maybe he wasn't succeeding with the girl he captured? Hux wonders.Hux nods, acquiescing to Kylo Ren's request. Maybe today wasn't the day to trigger one of his tantrums.A pair of stormtroopers show Kylo to Poe Dameron's chambers.Poe is strapped to the interrogation cell. The black torture droid hovers around. Kylo motions for the stormtroopers to leave them alone.Kylo regards Poe."You're resistance to torture is impressive.""Maybe you need to refine your techniques.""Comfortable?" Kylo asks."Not really."Kylo moves closer. He is silent. Preparing to force his way into Poe's mind to get the information Hux wants, when Poe asks, "Where is she?"Kylo lowers his hand. The guilt returning. "She is… unharmed.""If you harm one hair on her head—""She's better off than you are, pilot. Perhaps you should worry about yourself.""What have you done with her?""She is my guest." Kylo wishes he would stop asking about Rey. He came her to distract himself from her."I never trust a man in a mask. Why do you hide behind that thing? Are you a monster hiding in there?"Kylo reaches up. Presses the two buttons. The faceplate slides up and Kylo removes it, revealing his young face.Poe whistles. "So this is the face that tortured me last time. Not at all how I imagined."Kylo wants to roll his eyes. But keeps his expression neutral. "You will tell us where the rebel base is."Poe chuckles softly. "I guess you'll have to take it, like last time. I can't stop you.""It would be a lot easier if you just tell me."Poe shakes his head. "I never thought I'd be mind-raped by the son of General Organa and Han Solo. How did they raise such a monster?"Kylo flinches at the word. Looks away from Poe, unable to meet his gaze. The ugly word. Rape. He should have kept his helmet on. He feels that awful feeling in his gut. That feeling that he's done something irredeemable. But the same feeling that drives him to the dark side. Drives him to embrace the things that hurt him.Why should he feel bad for what he did to her anyway? She cut his face open and left him to die out in the snow. Any time he felt compassion, he reminded himself how it felt to be left there... beaten down. Broken.Kylo Ren vows to break Rey the way she left him broken and freezing.When he looks up, Poe is studying his face intently. "You don't like that phrase, do you? Mind-rape.""It only works on the weak minded. If you succumb to it, you probably deserve it.""So you can't handle the strong? You're lucky I'm tied to this chair, we'll see whose really strong. Would you be so tough without those mind tricks of yours?"Kylo raises an eyebrow. "Are you sure you want to try that? It may not end the way you want it to.""I'm willing to take my chances."Kylo presses the release button. The metal slides away and Poe instantly raises his hands to rub his wrists. He stares at Kylo Ren suspiciously. Kylo doesn't move.Poe steps out of the chair. "Now we can talk like real men."Kylo opens his mouth to say something — Poe PUNCHES him in the face. The force knocks Kylo back slightly. He rubs his cheek, then Poe HITS him again.Kylo doubles over and Poe grabs his head and SLAMS his knee into Kylo's face. Kylo pushes Poe away. Tries to hit him, but Poe is too fast and ducks away.Poe begins to LUNGE at Kylo, preparing for a vicious punch-Kylo raises his hand and force-freezes Poe.Kylo pauses, taking a moment to let the pain pass. Blood leaks from his nose. He rubs it off with a gloved hand. Looks at it."Not bad. Did you learn to fight in a bar?""In the worst cantinas in the galaxy," Poe replies."I believe it."Kylo definitely should have kept his mask on. He doesn't have the energy to defend himself. He thinks of what he did to Rey and realizes he deserves way worse than that.Kylo rights himself. "Did that make you feel better, Poe Dameron?" He waits for Poe to answer, then realizes he's constricting Poe's throat. Kylo releases his hold.Poe rubs his fist. "A little. Yeah."Kylo walks up to Poe, looms over him. Poe's head barely reaches Kylo's chin. Kylo is satisfied that he can intimidate other men with his height. If not his face.Kylo keeps Poe's body in force freeze and puts his hands around Poe's face."You know I can take what I want."Poe spits at him. "Of course you will. Mind-rapist."Kylo's eyes flash. That word again. It bothers him immensely. He force throws Poe across the room.Soon, Poe is screaming as Kylo invades his mind.Rage.Frustration. Righteous justification.That's how Kylo Ren feels walking down the halls of Starkiller Base. On his way to see his pet Jedi. The Jedi… just thinking of them made him furious.He had every justification to do what he did to Rey. She deserves every bit of pain. Yes, she will be his apprentice. But she would learn. She would suffer. He would get his revenge.But… he also hoped she was okay. That he didn't go too far. What is she feeling? What is she thinking?He arrives at the small block where her cell is. As he nears, he grows more and more concerned. Reaching out with the force trying to feel her life pulse. He feels nothing. Is she okay? Is she alive?When he arrives, there are only five storm troopers on guard."Where is the sixth one? I told you - six at all times!"The stormtroopers snap to attention. They look around, confused. The squad leader stumbles over his words. "I... I don't know.""Wrong answer." Kylo pulls out his lightsaber. "Open it."The door opens. The cell contains a naked stormtrooper. Not Rey. Kylo picks the trooper up by his neck and holds him up to his face."Where is she?"The trooper sputters, confused. Can't form a coherent answer. Kylo throws him out of the cell. His saber CACKLES to life. He lets out out a shriek of pure rage.Sparks fly as he destroys the cell. Of course, how could he be so stupid? Leaving her alone with nothing but time to practice using the force… Extra precautions and he STILL underestimates her force ability.Then, he remembers the collar. It dampened her force ability, but not completely.He looks around. Doesn't see it on the ground. Thinks, is there any way she could have removed the collar? It was possible for her to use the force past the walls, on the feeble minds of the stormtroopers.But there was no way she could remove it. He hoped.Kylo Ren stalks into the TOC."Ground all flights out of here and put out an alert," he tells General Hux. Hux tells the officers in the TOC. Alarms blare and an emergency message goes out.Hux approaches Kylo Ren hesitantly. "Don't you think this is a little excessive for one girl?"Kylo ignores him. "Captain Phasma.""Yes, sir?""She's dangerous, but I'm tracking her with a collar around her neck. Can you tell me where she is?"They look at the computer screens. The little dot representing Rey is moving across an icy plane into the forest. Right into a snow storm. Kylo briefly thinks he should leave her out there to freeze to death. That would show her."Ready my shuttle," he orders.The shuttle flies out of the command center towards the forest, following the beacon sent by Rey's collar.It lands in a clearing, nearby the beacon. Kylo orders the stormtroopers to stay where they are. He wants to handle her himself. He doesn't want anyone else to touch her.He stalks through the forest, following the beacon. He knows she won't last out here long. He tracks her and finally - he sees her.He would never have recognized her if he hadn't been able to sense her through the forest. She was in the white, plastic stormtrooper armor. Stumbling through the forest, barely able to stay upright.He could feel her now. She was cold and hungry. It took every ounce of her will to continue. She had hoped to hide in the forests, but Starkiller Base was less than hospitable.Kylo approaches her slowly. Wonders if she's noticed him yet. As he approaches, his rage softens. He feels her the cold that permeates her body and wants to carry her away and warm up every inch of her.He stalks towards her at a brisk page, quickly closing the distance between them. She looks back, startled. She hadn't sensed him coming. She starts running, tries to sprint away.But she's weakened and he closes the distance easily. Kylo has a twinge of satisfaction. Like how he was weakened when he was hit by the Bowcaster.Kylo lunges at her, jumping on her back, forcing her to the ground. She falls onto her stomach and he straddles her body. Picks her up and turns her around to face him.Rips the helmet off her head. She frantically tries to punch him and wrestle herself out of his grasp. He grabs her both her wrists and pins them to the ground with only one arm.He pulls the stormtrooper breastplate off of her, relieved to see the chain fall out. Relieved that she hadn't been able to remove the collar. At least he had done that right."Rey," he says in his deep, electronic voice. "You can't stay out here. You'll freeze to death.""I'd rather die out here than in there with you."Kylo grabs the chain and stands up. "You're coming back with me.""I'd rather die. Just kill me! Strike me down!"Kylo pulls out his light saber. Holds it against her face. "Take the stormtrooper armor off.""Kill me.""Take. The armor. Off. I'll get you something warmer.""You're a monster!"Kylo shuts the light saber off. Puts it back on his belt. Yanks Rey towards him with the chain. She fights him every step of the way.He pulls the arm plates off her body. She kicks and punches at him, but it does nothing to him. He continues wrestling with her to get all the white, plastic pieces off. Finally, leaving her in just the black pants, shirt, and boots.He starts walking and she strains against the chain. Holds it in her hands and pulls back on it. "I won't go with you!" Her feet drag against the ground as he pulls the chain.Kylo wraps the chain around his wrist. It hurts a little when she pulls on it. He grabs her arm, bends down, putting his shoulder into her stomach and lifts her right off her feet.She fights. Uselessly. He's stronger than she is. He's always been stronger. Except for his one moment of weakness when she bested him in the forest.He carries her back through the forest towards his black shuttle.Kylo is surprised and impressed by her fortitude. He almost drops her several times as she struggles against him the entire way. But she's also slowly losing energy.Her struggles get weaker as Kylo nears the shuttle, until all she can do is breath heavily and sob. He wants to get her inside. Somewhere warm.He enters the shuttle and throws her to the floor. The hatch shuts and the shuttle takes off. Kylo is silent. The stormtroopers don't say a word as they head back to Kylo's apartments.Rey curls up in a ball between Kylo's legs. Half the chain is wrapped around his fist, keeping her on a short leash. Kylo wants to taker her face in his hands and warm her, comfort her. He refrains from doing so. He doesn't want to show weakness in front of his troops.The shuttle lands in a hanger right next to Kylo's apartment. When it lands, he picks Rey up and throws her across his back.Rey protests. "No, I can walk—"Kylo ignores her. He doesn't have time to fight with her right now or try to convince her that it's a much better idea to OBEY.He carries her out of the hatch, through the hanger, and through the corridor leading to his apartment.Rey struggles weakly. All hope she had crushed as soon as they entered his apartment. The first thing she noticed was the warm air as soon as they entered.Kylo swings her down and places her gently on the couch. The same one she slept on last night."I'll never leave you like that again," Kylo says. Then he goes into the bedroom and shuts the door.Rey rubs her arms as the feeling begins to come back. Her face is frozen. The snow and frost begin to melt into the couch, leaving it damp. Rey is freezing in the damp clothes. But she's afraid to take them off. Doesn't want to be vulnerable.Rey is shaking from cold when Kylo comes back in to the living room. He wears only loose black pants, his muscular chest and arms exposed. It startles Rey. She's never seen him like that before. Not even… not even this morning… The memory of the morning relives itself in Rey's body. Horror intermingled with intense pleasure. Rey shudders."You have to get out of those clothes."Rey just glares up at him."You're going to get hypothermia… come on. I'm running you a bath." He motions to his bedroom, through which was a bathroom. She could hear the running water.Kylo kneels down slowly. He wants to be careful not to startle or frighten her any further."Rey… I promise you, I won't hurt you. I'm not a monster." He holds out his hand. "Please… don't die of cold. Don't because you see me as a…" He uses the force to tap into her mind… and recoils, and then laughs at what she thinks of him. "A paragon of cruelty."He laughs. He knows he shouldn't. But something about the image in her mind, a paragon of cruelty, strikes him as hilarious. Then stifles it when he sees her hurt expression. Not the right time, he tells himself.He picks up her hand and begins to warm it in his own. Rubbing it between his two larger hands. Blowing on it with his hot breath. She's trying to make herself resist, but he taps into her mind enough to know it feels good. She craves his touch… despite the conflict within her.He understands. It's so similar to his own chaotic battle with light and dark."Rey, I'm so sorry. Please forgive me. I'll never leave you like that again." The pink begins to come back into her hand.He drops her hand. Pulls her feet up onto the ebony table and begins to remove her boots. When her feet are bare, he rubs his hands along them. "You're so cold…" If she had been out there any longer, she wouldn't have made it.Kylo stands up, holding her hand, trying to gently pull her up. He doesn't want to force her. Wants her to come willingly.She hesitates… but then begins to move. She doesn't know why she's starting to cooperate. Maybe she doesn't really want to die? She wishes she was able to overcome physical comforts. Warmth and food. They were her weaknesses. Kylo wouldn't have such a pull on her if only she were stronger.She allows him to tug her through his bedroom. She takes a moment to see it. A large bed in the middle, dim lighting from a few candles on either side of the bed. A floor to ceiling window with a breathtaking view of the frozen wasteland outside.Steam emanates from the bathroom. She breaths it in deeply. The best thing she's felt in a while. The bathroom is spacious, with a giant bathtub. Black and white marble floors and countertops. The lighting is warm, dim, and pleasant. And the scent of lavender emanated from the bathtub, slowly filling with hot water.Kylo lets go of her hand to check the temperature of the water."You need to get out of your clothes first."Rey puts her hands around her body, hugging herself. Not wanting to be naked in front of him. He senses her hesitation and moves towards her. Again, keeping his movements slow. Not wanting to scare her."Rey, please." He puts his hands in the air. When he speaks, his voice is low and deep. And as gentle and comforting as he can make it. "I'm not going to hurt you. What happened today will never happen again."He puts his hand on Rey's shoulders. Gently pushing her hands away from herself, slides all the way down to where her shirt is tucked into her pants. He slowly loosens it. She flinches when his bare hands touch the skin of her waste."Your skin is freezing."He's too close to her. It affects Rey in a way she wishes it didn't… she feels a warm flush through her body at his closeness. Staring at his bare chest… so close to her. He slides her shirt up and over her head.The warm air hits her as the damp shirt comes off. Kylo throws the shirt to the floor. The pleasurable sensation is only marred by the weight of the collar around her neck. The feeling of the cold, metal chain against her belly…Rey touches the collar. Feeling around it. Frustrated that she couldn't figure out how to take it off. Afraid that there was no way to take it off. As if it was melded on her forever.Kylo takes advantage of Rey's distraction and quickly slips her pants off. They pool at Rey's feet and she steps out of them. Kylo kicks the pants away.Kylo undoes a snap on the collar and removes the chain. Leaving the collar where it is.Rey feels self conscious, being here naked with him. She wants to pull away, but his body is so warmth. He radiates warmth and heat. She's terrified of him, of his unpredictability and his contradictions.She melts as he runs his hands along her arms. Warming her. She tries to distract herself from the way he makes her feel by moving towards the bath.Kylo stops her. "No, no, no,成年男性泄欲网站 not just yet. You have to warm up slowly." He moves his hands all over her body. Up and down her arms. Presses his bare chest into her breasts as he massages the feeling back into her back.She stands there, allowing his hands to roam her body. When he is satisfied she is ready, he leads her into the bath.The warmth is almost painful as she steps in, Kylo guiding her the entire way. Finally she settles into the bath and a wave of pleasure overtakes her as the cold in her body melts away.Kylo kisses her on the forehead. "I'll give you some privacy." He exits the bathroom. He leaves the door open.Rey enjoys it as much as she can. She doesn't think of anything else but warming up her skin. She tells herself when she's done she will come up with a plan. Decides that she will figure out how to get out of this. She had only been captured for two days and already it felt like an eternity. It felt like she'd been here her whole life.She couldn't figure out how it happened. What Kylo was playing at… she didn't understand him at all. He was so unpredictable that she didn't have a chance to convince him or persuade him to let her go.She remembered how he killed Han. Han Solo. Who would have done anything for his son. Slain. How could he have killed his own father?She wondered if he would strike her down so casually? She believed he could… but something in her gut told her he wouldn't. Something in him wouldn't allow him to kill her.She hoped for her sake and the sake of Finn and Poe. Remembering them made her want to get up and demand to know what happened to them. But she refrained, thinking it wouldn't go over very well if she came out, wet and naked, demanding answers."No. That wouldn't work out too well." Kylo Ren laughs at the image.Rey startles, hearing his voice from the living room. He was reading her mind? Rey slaps at the water. Frustrated. How could she not know he was in her mind? She puts her hands on the collar… that was like a void around her neck. She tried to call the force, but the collar added an unbearable weight.She wanted to rip the thing off her neck. She splashed in the water, frustrated.Rey looks over the tub. The stormtrooper clothes are gone. Will she have anything to wear? She's ready to get out of the tub, but doesn't find anything to cover herself with. She's pissed. She slaps the water, angrily. Briefly considers drowning herself."Whoah, calm down in here." Kylo Ren enters, holding an over-sized towel. "I have clothes for you in the bedroom." He steps into the bathroom, holding the towel out to her.Rey reaches for it, and Kylo holds it back. Anger surges in her and she wants to hit something. Kylo just smiles at her."Yes, Rey. Let the dark side out. Be angry." He holds the towel across his body and motions for her to stand up.Not wanting to engage in another cold war, she complies. The water runs off her body. Kylo Ren wraps the towel around her body, trapping her arms inside it. He picks her up, bridal style, and carries her to the bedroom.He sets her gently down on the bed. He rubs the towel along her body, drying her. Rey wants to resist him, but she's too tired. The cold, and the day in the cell, all taking too much out of her."You need sleep, Rey."He takes the towel away. She cringes, tries to grab the towel back. He swats her hand away. He puts the towel back in the bathroom.When the exhaustion hits Rey, it hits her hard. She can't keep her head up anymore. Kylo Ren comes back and picks her naked body off the bed, to loosen the blankets. He moves her back and tucks the blanket over her. She's already falling asleep. He tucks her in."Where will you sleep?" she asks in a faint voice."On the couch.""It's wet."He laughs. "I'll be okay." Her concern is sweet and… unexpected.He watches as she falls into a restful sleep. Watches her chest rise and fall. Finds the sight of her strangely compelling. He blows the candles out, leaving the room in darkness. He doesn't want to go. Wants to crawl into bed with her. But she needs rest… and possibly some time away from him.He goes into the living room and prepares to sleep.He fucked up a little bit today. It's challenging to force himself to be gentle with her. He will try… At least until she gets her strength back. He needs her strong for training. To teach her to serve him, so that he can use his strength for his own.But she still refuses to obey him. He'll let her sleep and recover.And let tomorrow be a new day."You're the most horrible person I've ever met."Kylo Ren smiles, genuinely pleased. "Thank you."Rey is on her knees in front of the ebony table. The collar sits heavy around her neck, the chain re-attached. She wears loose black pants and a black tank top.Trays of delicious smelling food fill the little table. Kylo Ren, still wearing only his loose pants from the night before, sits on the couch holding a small morsel of food in his hands.Rey finally feels rested. Comfortable almost. But she can't shake a feeling of dread. Being under the warm covers of his bed felt amazing. She woke up from dreamland feeling better than she had in a long time. She had never slept on a bed so comfortable.Then the cold reality hit her when she felt the collar around her neck. As soon as she became aware of it, it sliced her dream state to an end.Then delicious smelling food wafting through the room made her mouth water. She hadn't eaten anything yesterday and had almost frozen to death. She wanted the food… it was better than anything she had ever seen. But Kylo Ren… he ruins it. By forcing her to her knees.He holds the morsel to her face. She had tried to reach for the food, but he wouldn't let her. Threatening to restrain her hands if she kept trying.He tries to put the morsel in her mouth. She turns her head away. "How are you going to torture me today?"Kylo Ren puts his hands up in a surrender motion. "I'm not going to hurt you, Rey. I promise. I just want to feed you. Is that so wrong?"He thrusts the morsel into her mouth. She accepts it because she is starving. And in this moment, it is the best thing she's ever tasted.Kylo prepares her a plate of food and sets it in front of her. "I've been very lenient with you. You won't even call me Master. Yet. And I haven't done anything about it.""I had the chef prepare this for you. A galaxy class chef, specializing in human food." Kylo holds the morsel of food up. "Please don't ruin this. You need to eat. You need your strength today."She doesn't understand what kind of perverse satisfaction he gets out of it, but she eats. Without her hands. Resisting the temptation. He stares at her as he eats. It makes her angry. She finishes and licks her plate clean.Rey gets up, picks up her plate and throws it across the room. It hits the wall and shatters. Kylo Ren looks surprised."I want to see my friends," Rey demands.Kylo says nothing, but continues eating as if she had said nothing. Rey flips the table over. The food goes flying. Kylo just stares at her, which enrages her further. She rampages around the room, breaking everything she can find.Kylo moves to lean against the doorway and just stares at her. Doesn't lift a finger to stop her."I'm not going to play these stupid games with you. I want to see my friends. I want to know that they're alive!" She stands in the middle of the living room, enraged.Kylo nods. "Okay."Rey is startled by his response. Expecting more resistance. Or… pain. "What?""All right. I'll take you to see your friends today.""Oh… okay. Thank you." She's confused. Uncertain if this was worse… or if he was really going to take her to see Poe and Finn?"So then… let's get ready to go now." Kylo ushers her to the bedroom.—-Kylo leaves his apartment dressed in his full uniform, with his mask on. Rey wears a simple, fur lined jacket, pants, and boots. She almost feels human again. Almost.Kylo leads Rey by the chain.Rey stops him. "Kylo, is this necessary? I'm not going to run. I'm not going anywhere."Kylo thinks about it."Ok. I'll let you walk on your own. But if you run away…""I won't.""Rey, I'm serious." He pulls out his light saber. Activates it and holds it against her neck.Rey cringes away from the heat, terrified. "I know you are…""If you run away from me, I will let every man on this base station take you the way I took you yesterday."Rey's jaw drops. Is he serious? He can't be… He puts his light saber away. His tone is neutral now, as if he hadn't just threatened her with a massive gang rape…"Do you need me to clarify? If you run away, I'll have a battalion of storm troopers fuck you one after the other." He says it so matter of factly it sends chills down Rey's spine.Finally, she speaks. Shocked. "You wouldn't…""If you run, I'm just assuming you want that to happen."Rey doesn't know what to say. He's just descended to a new level of insanity. Rey nods.Kylo removes the chain from Rey's collar. He wraps it up and hangs it off his belt."Let's go."Kylo continues walking and Rey has to force herself to follow him, feeling uneasy. After that threat, she thought she would prefer the chain.A few minutes later, they arrive in a massive chamber. There is a soft mat lining on the floor and some random equipment to the sides. Like some kind of giant gym or training area.Three groups of stormtroopers stand in a square formation.Rey's heart beats frantically when she sees them. Thinking of his threat just a few minutes ago in the hallway. Now she wants nothing more than to run. It took an act of willpower not to immediately run for the nearest exit. Not that she would make it far.Kylo motions her to stay with him as he walks to the head of formation, where Phasma waits with another prisoner."Finn!" Rey is elated to see him. He stands with Captain Phasma. His hands are restrained in front of his body."Rey? Rey! You're okay? Tell me you're okay?"Rey runs up to him and throws her arms round him. Relieved that he's okay. Her eyes tear up. "Finn, did they hurt you? I'm so happy to see you!""I'm okay. They haven't done anything to me yet. What about you?" He looks at Kylo Ren. "What has this monster done to you?"Rey shakes her head. Tears falling from her face. "It's okay. I'm okay, Finn."Finn looks at Kylo Ren. "Did you hurt her? If you hurt her—" Finn stops abruptly. Being choked by an invisible force.Kylo has his hand raised towards Finn. "Enough of this."Rey stands in front of Finn, facing off against Kylo. "Release him," she demands. Then her face falls from strong and defiant to pleading with her eyes.Kylo's hand drops. Finn begins to breath again.Kylo Ren motions to Captain Phasma. "Prepare what we talked about."Phasma nods. She moves to the head of the formation. Makes a gesture. The troops turn and begin to form a square circle, surrounding the small group in the middle.Phasma grabs Finn and begins to move to the side.Kylo motions to Rey. "You stay here. In the middle."Rey's heart nearly beats out of her chest. "What is this? I didn't run from you…"Kylo Ren laughs. Realizing her misperception. "No, that's not why I set this up."Rey releases the breath she didn't realize she had been holding. Relieved."I want you to show me what you can do," Kylo says. "Show me how strong you are, Rey.""I don't understand.""You'll see." Kylo Ren moves to stand next to Phasma and Finn.Rey feels intimidated being so completely surrounded and not knowing what's about to happen. She tries to be strong. Images strength coursing through her body. She can't be weak. She has to be strong for Finn."I won't show you anything, Kylo Ren. You won't get anything from me."A stormtrooper walks up and hands her a fighting staff. Rey crossed her arms, refuses to take it. The trooper drops the staff at her feet and moves back to stand with the others.Kylo laughs. "So you won't defend yourself? We'll see. It's funny that you still think you have any power here." Kylo shakes his head.Rey's heart beats loudly in her chest. Then she notices that all the Stormtroopers are armed with simple melee weapons. Was he really going to do this? Frightened now, she picks up the fighting staff and moves into a defensive fighting position.Kylo holds his hand up, motioning to the storm troopers. A squad of six stormtroopers breaks from the group, moves into the middle. Moves into fighting stances. Preparing themselves to attack Rey.In a brief, tense moment, everything is still.Then Kylo Ren lowers his hand and the squad launches themselves at Rey.Finn screams her name. "Rey!" He tries to move towards her, but Captain Phasma holds him back. Then he feels hands on his shoulders, pushing him down.His body is frozen and he cannot move. Cannot do anything except watch as storm troopers begin to beat on his friend.Rey holds her own in the fight. She gets a few good WHACKS on the troopers. She knocks two of them down to the ground. But the rest of the squad is there, ready to beat down on her with their weapons.One of them trips Rey and she falls. A trooper kicks the staff away from Rey's hands and the six of them kick at her while she's down.A WHISTLE. The troopers stop their attack and move back into formation.Rey lays in the middle, curled up into a ball. Kylo Ren walks to her. "Get up." He picks up the staff and gives it back to her. She stares at him, defiantly. Angry.Kylo grabs her by the shoulders and hauls her to her feet, placing the staff back into her hands.He moves back.Does the same motion and a different squad of storm troopers prepare themselves to attack Rey. Six against one.Rey fights on instinct. As soon as they reach her, she is swinging the staff, aiming at their faces, the places between their armor plates, wherever they might be vulnerable.But as good as she is, six is too much. They knock her down. Her hands release the staff and over and over she finds herself on the ground, subjected to the rough and hard boots as they kick her.Kylo doesn't allow them to wail on her mercilessly for long. She's only down for a few seconds before he stops it and prepares for another squad to attack her.But for Rey, it feels like an eternity. Like she's fallen into a terrifying hell hole. A hell hole of stormtrooper boots, sharp jabs of pain, and utter futility.She doesn't know how long this continues for. But she's beaten and broken. Exhausted.This continues until every group has attacked and defeated her. It happens about twelve times? Each time, Rey ends up on the ground, and if she doesn't get up fast enough then Kylo Ren walks over and hauls her to her feet. Then moves away to prepare the next attack.The last time, Rey barely lasts a few seconds. Her energy is completely zapped. She's beaten and bruised everywhere. She hardly has the strength to stand and she collapses immediately.The whistle blows again. Rey is collapsed in the middle of the floor.Kylo Ren motions for the storm troopers to leave. They march out in a neat, orderly manner.Captain Phasma approaches Kylo Ren. "And the prisoner? FN-2187?""This reunion is over. Take him back to his cell."Finn struggles against the two stormtroopers who come up and grab him. He tries to call out to Rey. Hopes she hears him."Rey! Are you okay?" The stormtroopers haul him out, under the command of Captain Phasma. "I'll come back for you, Rey!"The training room is left silent. The vast chamber containing only two small figures.Rey still lays in the middle, exhausted and unable to move. Kylo Ren approaches her and kneels down. Hovers over her limp form."Get up, Rey."Rey looks at him for a moment. Then turns around, hugging herself. Kylo grabs her shoulder, pulls her to face him. She keeps her face averted.Kylo sighs. He presses the two buttons on his helmet, the faceplate releases and he takes off the helmet. Sets it down on the training room floor.He crawls over to Rey. He pulls her to face him. She fights him off weakly, but she's exhausted and he easily over powers her and pulls her into his lap."It's okay, Rey. This is just training." He runs his gloved hands along her face. Speaks to her soothingly. His words don't bring her any peace though. "This is just the beginning. You'll get a lot stronger."He sits there with her, rocking her, running his hands along her face. Attempting to sooth her pain. Then he lets her go and stands up. He picks his helmet up and puts it back on his head."Come on, Rey. It's time to go." He removes the chain from his belt and reattaches it to her collar. "You've had enough time to rest. Now get up." The electronic voice sounds cruel to her ears.He stands up and yanks on the collar. Rey yelps. "Okay…" she says weakly. She moves to all fours and slowly pushes herself up. She stands unsteadily on her feet.Kylo pulls the chain, forcing Rey along. They leave the training room and head down a long hall way. At least it seems long to Rey. She has to focus on every step she takes. They get into an elevator, going to some place unknown to Rey.Just standing takes an act of will for Rey. Kylo Ren regards her as the elevator moves to its destination. Rey doesn't know what he's thinking and realizes she probably doesn't want to.The elevator arrives. As they get out, she notices they're in the prisoner holding section. Rey stops and Kylo has to yank the chain to make her continue."Are you… taking me to a cell?" she asks.Kylo ignores her and continues walking.She limps, moving too slowly for his liking.Kylo stops. Frustrated at her slowness. He turns to stare back at her."Do you hear that?" he asks.Rey stops. Confused. She listens. And hears… Screaming. Loud, agonizing screaming. "Poe?""It'll stop when we get there. So the longer you take…" Kylo shrugs.The more he suffers, Rey realizes. In that moment, looking at his impassive helmet, she hates him more than she's hated anybody. But she doesn't have the energy to dwell on it and she forces herself forward at a much quicker pace.They arrive at a cell. The guards open the door. Kylo and Rey step inside.Poe is strapped to an interrogation chair. Two troopers in black hover over him with a black torture droid hovering behind them.They snap to attention as Kylo Ren walks in."Leave us," Kylo orders. They pack up their stuff and head out, the droid following them.Rey runs up to Poe. The chain holds her back and she looks back at Kylo Ren. He drops the chain to the ground. She reaches Poe and puts her hands around his limp frame.Sweat mars his brow. The room smells awful, like he hasn't showered in days.Rey puts her hands on his face. "Poe…" she whispers. "You look awful."Poe chuckles slightly. "You don't look much better yourself."Rey puts her head on his chest. "Poe… I'm sorry. I'm so sorry…"Poe tries to raise his head. "Hey, kiddo, you don't have anything to be sorry about.""I don't want you to suffer." Rey cries softly into his chest.Rey almost forgets that Kylo is in the room. She is reminded when she looks at Poe's face. He stares at Kylo Ren with a hard glare. Rey turns around. Kylo just stands there silently.Rey turns around and faces. "Please don't torture him. Don't hurt him anymore.""And why should I do that?" Kylo asks.Rey looks down at the floor. "I'll cooperate… I'll do anything…""Anything?" Kylo's interest is piqued.Poe shakes his head. "Rey, don't promise this man anything. You don't know what you're getting yourself into.""Silence." Kylo force-silences Poe. He moves up to Rey and takes her arm. Leads her out of the room. Turns back to Poe. "We'll be back in a few minutes."Kylo leads her down a hallway. "I could put him in here." He opens the cell door. There is a bed with a mattress, a pillow, and a blanket. A small bathroom, complete with a shower is in the corner. "He'll have three meals a day. And I promise we won't torture him.""You would do that for me?" she asks, hopefully."I have only one thing to ask from you. One simple thing and I'll stop them from torturing Poe.""Please… anything."He takes her by the shoulder and pulls her up to his body. "Anything, Rey?"She feels that anxiety at the pit of her stomach again. "As long as Poe isn't tortured again…"The request sounds bizarre coming through his mask in that intimidating electronic voice. "I want you to use your mouth on me."Rey tries to step back, startled. Kylo grips her to him."What?"Kylo sighs. "Do I have to clarify everything with you, Rey? You know what I mean. I want you to let me fuck your mouth."Rey's body is shaking. The exhaustion combined with this request."I'm giving you this option. For Poe. You know I can take what I want and you couldn't stop me anyway.""If you'll stop torturing Poe….""He won't be harmed any further. He'll be in this cell and he'll have three square meals a day.""Okay." Rey has just made a deal with the devil.Kylo leads her back to Poe's interrogation chamber. If he didn't have the mask on, she would see that he was smirking.They enter back into the chamber. Kylo grabs Rey's shoulder and leads her right in front of Poe."Where have you two been?" Poe asks. "Rey, are you okay? I don't like the looks of this.""Poe, everything will be okay." Rey tries to smile at him reassuringly. It isn't convincing.Poe tries to speak more, but Kylo silences him. Holds him in place with the force and then turns to Rey."Get on your knees."A cold chill goes through Rey's body. She slowly sinks to her knees, staring up at his mask. When she's settled on the floor, Kylo removes his helmet. He drops it to the floor with a loud CLANK that startles Rey and makes her jump.Kylo stares down at her. "You know what I want."Rey's mouth falls open in shock. "Here? Now?""We made a deal."Rey hesitates, staring at Poe. Poe looks surprised and doesn't know what's going on. Doesn't know what's about to happen, but knows it's not good.Kylo Ren undoes his pants and releases his swollen member. He takes his gloves off and tosses them to the floor. He strokes his member.Rey stares at in in shock."Open your mouth, Rey. Open wide."Rey opens her mouth.Kylo rolls his eyes. "Wider than that."Rey opens her mouth as wide as it will go. Kylo smiles. "Good…." He holds his member and positions it at the entrance of her mouth. "Before we begin, I consider biting the same thing as running away. So if you try to clamp down or hurt me in anyway, that battalion of storm troopers will do more than just beat you with sticks."And with that, he shoves himself into Rey's mouth. He closes his eyes. So moist and wonderful.He holds Rey's face in his hands. "Yes, just stay like that. Keep your mouth open and let me fuck it."Rey squeezes her eyes shut as Kylo shoves himself deep into her mouth. All she can do is focus on keeping her mouth open and enduring it. He moves in and out, choking her with his dick, leaving her precious seconds to gasp for air, before shoving himself in again.Kylo looks over at Poe, who is unable to speak. Poe struggles against the hold. Kylo smirks at him. "She's doing this for you, just so you know." He looks down at Rey. Tears stream down her face. "Small price to pay for freedom, in my opinion."He continues shoving himself roughly into Rey's mouth. "I should demand more… from both of you." He shrugs, sighs in pleasure. "But I will stick to my deal…"He holds onto Rey's face as he continues to pleasure himself with her mouth. He feels his orgasm rising. He pulls himself out and angles Rey's face up so he can look at it more clearly."Keep your mouth open, Rey… Looks at me… Yeah, that's good…" He milks himself into her mouth, squirting the hot, salty fluid, down her throat.When he is done and fully released, he pushes Rey's jaws shut and covers her mouth with his hand. "Swallow."He waits til he sees her gulp his semen down. "Now lick the rest of me clean…"She hesitates. Squeezes her eyes shut."Don't back out of the deal, Rey. After this, Poe will be safe. And I won't let anyone harm a hair on his head."Rey cringes, but sticks her tongue out and licks his member clean. Kylo stares at Poe while she licks him.Kylo pulls out of her mouth. Then notices a small drop of semen on the floor. He points at it. "You missed a drop."Rey stares up at him blankly. Kylo kneels down. He grabs the back of her head and pushes her face towards the floor. She tries to resist, but is forced down. "Lick it up."Rey sticks her tongue out and licks up the small drop. Poe strains against his restraints. Kylo lets Rey up. He smooths her hair back soothingly. Kisses her forehead. Rey doesn't respond. She wraps her arms around her body and stares at the floor.Kylo stands up. Motions for guards to enter. Two stormtroopers come in."Take him to cell 7812.""Yes, sir."The troopers remove Poe's restraints and drag him forcefully out of the chair. Poe glares at Kylo Ren.Rey cries softly. "I'm sorry, Poe…""Rey, it's not your fault. I'll do everything I can to get us out of here and get you away from that MONSTER!" Poe shouts.As the troopers carry him out the door, Poe tries to lunge at Kylo, but is forced back. He snaps his teeth at Kylo."You will suffer for that!" Poe threatens.Kylo smirks. Remains calm. "From your hands Poe Dameron?"Poe just glares as he's led from the room.Kylo shouts after him. "I look forward to it. Do your worst."Kylo turns back to Rey. She still kneels there, refusing to look at him. "Poe's going to be okay. He won't be hurt." He's frustrated that she doesn't look reassured.Kylo picks up his helmet and gloves and puts them back on. He picks up the end of the chain. "Let's go."Rey looks at this monster and doesn't know how to feel. She rises unsteadily to her feet. Wobbling. She takes a few steps towards the door and then collapses.Kylo kneels down over her. "Too much for today? You'll get stronger, Rey." He picks Rey up bridal style and carries her out. He carries her like this the entire way back to his apartment.He drops her on the couch. He's getting frustrated at her unresponsiveness. He probes into her mind and feels the exhaustion and horror she feels.Horror? He shakes his head. It will make her stronger. It will help her succeed with the dark side of the force.Neither Kylo or Rey say a word to each other as they prepare for dinner. Kylo allows Rey to take a bath. But he keeps his room dim so she can't see what he has installed there. He doesn't want to show her until it's time to sleep. He's doesn't think she'll like it, but she'll have to get used to it.Rey comes out wearing the simple black night clothes and the collar around her neck. She doesn't say anything. Kylo has ordered the food and it sits on the ebony table.He prepares her a plate of food and has her kneel in the same place as the morning. Only this time she just stares passively at the food."You have to eat, Rey," he tells her."I'm not hungry.""No. You're starving. Eat."Rey shakes her head.Kylo contemplates force feeding her. He could hold her nose and mouth shut and force her to swallow the way he forced her to swallow his semen. Kylo is frustrated at the balance he has to have with her. He needs to push her, needs to break her, but not so far and not so much that she becomes useless to him.It's a tense balance to maintain. So he goes to the subject he knows he has the most leverage on."You like Poe Dameron?" he asks.This gets a rise out of her. "Like him? He's my friend.""Are you attracted to him?"Rey doesn't respond. Just glares."It's okay if you are. It doesn't bother me.""Are YOU attracted to him?"Kylo laughs. "Yeah, a little. He's very charismatic.""Why are you asking about Poe?""If I bring him in here to eat with us, will you eat? I'm trying my best not to force you, Rey.""Bring Poe here?""I won't hurt him. He'll eat with us and then return to his cell."She nods. Hopeful, but reminds herself not to hope in this place. Kylo gets up and sends out the request.They wait in silence until they hear a knock on the door.Rey looks excitedly to it and starts to move towards the door. Kylo stops her. "One thing before he comes in." Kylo twists Rey's arms behind her back and slaps the restraints on her wrists."What? Why?""I don't want you to think it's okay to disobey me while he's here.""I wouldn't!"Kylo raises an eyebrow. "Yes you would." He moves to open the door. Two stormtroopers push Poe Dameron through. He looks much better than last time Rey saw him. He's clean, smells nice, and wears a fresh set of clothes. HIs hands are restrained in front of his body.Poe steps inside and the door shuts behind him. When he sees Kylo, his jaw tightens and he looks like he's about to attack. Kylo holds his hand in front of Poe's face."No fighting in here," Kylo says. "I'm going to take your restraints off. If you try anything, I'll hurt both of you and take away everything I've given you."Poe rolls his eyes, holds his restrained hands towards Kylo. "What a generous man you are."Kylo removes Poe's restraints. Smirking at the obvious sarcasm in Poe's voice.Poe spots Rey and immediately rushes over to her. Embracing her, holding her tightly. "Rey, are you okay?""I'm… okay. Poe, I'm so happy to see you."Kylo gets annoyed at the display of affection. "Okay, let's sit down."Rey and Poe pull apart. Kylo sits on the couch. Rey kneels in the position Kylo set for her. Poe cautiously sits on the floor."Why are her hands restrained?" Poe asks.Rey starts to open her mouth— Kylo answers. "She's dangerous.""Dangerous? She's just a girl…""She's not." Kylo indicates the scar across his face. "Are you under estimating your dear friend, Poe?" Kylo looks over at Rey. "He doesn't have very much confidence in you, does he?"Rey glares. She shakes her head and looks at Poe. "Ignore him."Poe tries to break the awkward silence. "So… we're going to eat?" He picks up a bottle of champagne and pouts three glasses. Kylo takes his and sips, while glaring at Poe.Poe notices Rey's discomfort. He holds the glass to her lips and she sips. Rey is embarrassed by the way she has to eat. But Poe gives her a reassuring and understanding glance.She eats her plate off her food much more delicately than when it was just her and Kylo. She deftly scoops up the food with her tongue and pulls it into her mouth.Kylo eats in silence. Annoyed at the constant eye contact and facial expressions Rey and Poe share between each other. They don't even have to talk to communicate so much to each other. Even when he invades her mind, he doesn't have the kind of connection that Poe and Finn have to her and it frustrates him.Why did he allow Poe to come to dinner? He should have force fed her.When they are done eating, Poe reaches over to Rey and wipes her face with a napkin. Rey leans into his hand, enjoying the feel of his skin. Poe smiles and pulls Rey over to him, holding her in his arms. She feels warm and safe in his arms.Poe kisses her forehead. "We'll find a way out of this, Rey."Kylo rolls his eyes. "Yeah, I'm sure you two will try to escape." Kylo looks pointedly at Rey. "But remember the consequences if you run away from me."Rey's face turns white. She's suddenly cold. Poe holds her tighter, afraid to ask what he meant by that.Kylo opens the door and motions to the stormtroopers on guard. "Take him back to his cell."Poe gives Rey one last hug. The stormtroopers grab him, pull him up and begin putting the restraints back. Poe looks back at Rey. "We'll find a way out of this, Rey! Do not be intimidated by him!"The stormtroopers pull on him roughly. "Okay, I'm coming, I'm coming." He glares at Kylo as he is led out. Poe's eyes narrow and his limps compress. He wants to punch that smug face and rip it apart. Kylo smirks and raises his hand. Reminding Poe of his force abilities. Poe turns his head away.The door shuts behind them. Leaving Rey alone with Kylo Ren… again.He saunters back towards Rey. "Are you happy?""Not really.""So ungrateful." He grabs Rey's collar and forces her to stand. Pulls her up to him. "It's time for bed. I have a surprise for you."He pulls her into the bedroom and turns the lights on.Rey can see what the darkness hid from her before. Her eyes widen in surprise.Kylo had installed chains on the wall opposite his bed. And there was a small sleeping mat on the floor at the foot of his bed."I don't know where else to put you since you escaped from our maximum security prison."Kylo still has his fingers wedged up between her neck and her collar. He pulls her towards the wall and she stumbles after him. He presses her up against the wall and presses himself into her. He kisses her.He runs his hand up her shirt, cupping and kneading her breasts. Then moves his hand down her waist and puts his hand down her pants. He gently caresses the spot between her legs. Inserting a finger just lightly enough that he could feel her wetness. Feel that her body wants him despite the resistance in her mind.He caresses her until she moans into his mouth. Then he pulls back and smiles. Enjoying the way her cheeks flush pink.Rey hears a CLICK and notices that he's attached the chain back to the collar. She looks at him, perplexed. He attaches the chain to a clip on his bed, locking it securely.He motions to the mattress. "Go to sleep."She looks at it indignantly. "On the floor?"He is exasperated. "On the mat on the floor." He tosses her a blanket from his bed. "Unless you want to sleep with me?"She takes the blanket and lays down on the floor. Her eyes fluttered shut. Rey dreams of "Finn." FN-2187. Kylo sits over her sleeping form. It is early and she sleeps deeply. He couldn't keep himself from taking advantage and dipping into her dreams.Her dreams are sweet… and they bother him. He doesn't like that she's dreaming of Finn. Doesn't like that FN-2187 has a name. Kylo regrets not killing him when he first noticed the disturbance on the battlefield.He didn't address it then because he had more important concerns than the loyalty of a single storm trooper.Now it was more complicated than ever. Kylo couldn't just kill Finn outright. He suspected it would crush Rey too much. And if he pushed her too far, if he broke her too much - well, he couldn't get another Rey. She was the Awakening. And he couldn't stop it. He could only hope to control it.Rey is pulled from her pleasant dream to awake with a start. She tries to sit up, but the pain in her body causes her to stop moving. Bruises cover her body. Every inch of her is sore - sore muscles from fighting until muscle exhaustion. And worse, bruises mottled every inch of her flesh.She opens her eyes and sees HIM staring down at her. Kylo Ren. Looking so innocent with his gentle expression in his soft, black night clothes. She wants to hit him or kick him… hurt him in some way. But it hurts too much to move, so she just stays still.Kylo shakes his head. "Maybe yesterday was too much for you. Can you move?""I don't want to get up." She turns her face away from him.Kylo smiles. He gets up, straddles her, and sits on top of her thighs. "I'll help you."Rey tries to turn away from him, but his weight keeps her in place. "I don't want your help."Kylo runs his hands along her shoulders, massaging her gently. Moving to the place beneath the collar that Rey is dismayed to find is still around her neck. "Don't be stubborn… I can feel the pain you're in."Rey wants to push his hands away, but his touch brings relief from the pain. Kylo smiles, knowing what she's feeling. He bends down and breathes lightly on her neck. "Let me help you recover." He continues kneading her shoulders. She tries not to enjoy it, but his touch is ecstasy and she moans softly."I'll run you a bath." He gets up to move to the bathroom. He uses his force ability to make sure that she feels colder when he leaves.Rey shivers at the uncomfortable cold that invades her when he leaves. It gets into her skin and stays there even when she rolls over and pulls the blanket over her body.She hears the bath water running. Senses the steam emanating from the tub. She doesn't want to move, but the blanket and the floor feel cold now… so she sits up. And sees him standing in the doorway."Can you move?" he asks.Rey gets up slowly, every muscle in her body protesting. She nods. Kylo starts to move towards her and she flinches. He stops. "Do you want my help?"Rey shakes her head. She stands to her feet. Kylo guides her to the bathroom, touching her as little as possible. She looks forward to the bath as the cold is still underneath her skin. Coldness and pain.She feels Kylo's hands on her shoulders. A gentle, warm touch. She feels his breath in her ear, as his hands push the straps of her night shirt down past her shoulders. "Do you mind," he asks softly. "For the bath?"She nods imperceptibly and he slips the night shirt down to her waist, past her hips, and allows her clothes to drop off her slender form. He pushes her gently towards the bath.The pain and cold seeps away as she enters the steaming water. She is still unsteady on her feet and is forced to hold his hand so she doesn't fall as she sinks into the water. She sits down in the bath and wraps her arms around her knees.Kylo Ren leans over the tub with a wash cloth, pouring warm water over her shoulders. He smooths her hair back."Rey?"She looks up at him."Can I join you?"She is taken aback by the question. She shakes her head."Rey, you're being stubborn again. I can help you feel better. I can heal those bruises on your body."Rey looks down at herself, where indeed giant purple and yellow bruises discolored her skin. She shakes her head. "If I say no, you'll just do it anyway."He lifts her chin to his face and leans over the tub. "I just want to help you. I won't do anything you don't want me to do. Okay?"She doesn't respond. Kylo takes this as an affirmative. He slips his pants off and steps into the bath. He positions Rey in front of him, between his legs. He pulls her against his chest.The coldness in her skin gives way to a gentle warmth. His hands massage every inch of her body. She feels herself healing and growing stronger. She feels good. She looks down and can see the bruises disappearing as his hands roam her body. He kisses her neck gently.She closes her eyes. Thinking that maybe this was a bad idea… but it feels good and she doesn't want it to stop. Wishes it was with someone else, somebody who wasn't a monster.She thinks of Poe. Poe isn't a monster. She wonders, what if it were Poe's hands roaming her form?She feels herself abruptly pushes off his chest. Water splashes as he roughly spins her around to face him, his hands gripping her shoulders tightly. She stares at him in alarm. Afraid he's going to do something frightening.But he doesn't. Nothing happens. He looks at her briefly. Then continues his ministrations. Continues massaging her body. Rey calms down and closes her eyes, enjoying the feel of his hands. He moves his hands beneath the collar and she opens her eyes."Do I have to keep this on? Can you take it off?" she asks.Kylo doesn't answer her question; continues what he's doing.She tries again. "You can read my mind. You know I'm not going to run."Kylo smiles. Pulls her closer, onto his lap, to where her knees are up against his chest and he sits between them. She lets out a breath of air as she feels his hardness between her legs.He sees her concern. "Don't worry. I'm not going to do anything to you." He raises his eyebrow at her. "Unless you want it."She turns her face away and he laughs softly. She wishes she were stronger. But with him here, his hands all over her, between her legs, she is like putty in his hands. If he were she wouldn't fight him. She feels ashamed and unsettled by that fact.He smiles at her thought, but keeps it to himself, wanting to give her the illusion of privacy.He wipes her face with the wash cloth, still smiling at her. What does that smile mean? "I think I know you better than you know yourself, scavenger. You're like a wild animal. Uncivilized. And you'll fight me every step of the way.""A wild animal?" Rey frowns and attempts to jerk away from him. Kylo holds on to her and puts his arms around her back, forcing her closer. She puts his hands on his chest in an effort to push away. It feels good to have her hands on his chest. He wishes she would touch him more like that.Kylo laughs. "See? You're a savage, Rey. You don't belong in civilized society. The collar stays on."Rey shakes her head. "Kylo… you can't treat me like this… You can't do this to me….""You don't want to run back into the cold, do you?""No, I… just— you're playing these games and—" He cuts her off.He cups her face in his hands. "Rey, listen to me. I haven't done anything to you yet." His voice is gentle, but his words send a shiver down her spine.He abruptly puts his hands beneath her, stands up, and lifts her out of the water. She wraps her arms and legs around him tightly, afraid of falling. He steps out of the bath tub. He carries her to the bed and sets her down. He opens a closet and tosses her a towel."Get dressed."Kylo takes his clothes to the living room, allowing her the privacy of his room to dress. She puts on the same clothes (clean now) from yesterday, the comfortable jacket, pants, and boots. When she is done, she lays down on the bed. Not wanting to go out and face him.He knocks on the door. Opens it when she doesn't respond. He looms in the doorway - dressed in his usual black attire. Every inch the scary Kylo Ren. His face looking like some evil prince, his ebony hair flowing around his face like a crown.He smirks. "Are you just going to lay in bed all day?""Is than an option?"He shrugs. "If you want.""Then yes."He sighs. "Okay. We'll both stay here together then. We don't really need to be at Finn's trial anyway." He turns away and shuts the door.When Rey barges out a few seconds later, Kylo Ren is waiting. The first thing she sees when she enters the living room is him holding the chain up at her.And she knows what it means. She stares at the ground while he pulls her collar over her jacket and attaches the chain. CLICK. That little sound of doom."Look at your squad mates," Captain Phasma screams into Finn's face.Finn stands up straight, doing his best to keep a stoic face. His hands are restrained in front of him. He had spent that past few days either in a cell or working laborious details. Forced to do back breaking labor under intense supervision.This is his unofficial punishment for treason. Dealt to him by his own squad mates. The people he once worked with and trusted.He knew they would show him no mercy. They would be vicious. He knew this would happen. He left the First Order because he knew them so well. Which is why he was determined to run. He never planned on meeting Rey and Poe. Never thought he would have such rewarding friendships.Captain Phasma screams in his face. "Look at the faces of the men and women you betrayed."His former squad mates are dressed in their stormtrooper armor. Their helmets are off and they each carry a metal baton.Finn cringes at the familiar faces. They anger and hatred radiates from them. It hurt because there was a time when he considered them family. They were the only family he knew after being forcefully taken from his home.Phasma pushes him forward.They are arranged into two rows, through which they expect him to walk down the center. He tenses at what he knows is coming.He walks forward and feels the first HIT on his shoulder. He stumbles down and the beating begins.He focuses on moving forward. Somebody trips him and he nearly falls on his face. They beat him down. Blood runs from his nose.Phasma yells. "Enough."It stops. Finn crumples to the ground in shock. He knew he wouldn't survive, but he vowed that if he lived he would fight the First Order to his last breath."Clean him up. Kylo Ren is on his way to oversee the trial."—Kylo leave his helmet behind. He carries the leash in his hands, leading Rey through the corridors.When they arrive at their destination, Kylo unclips the leash and puts it on his belt. He tucks the collar into Rey's jacket, concealing it. He smiles at her and opens the door.They enter a large chamber, where Captain Phasma awaits, with two rows of stormtroopers and a row of the black clothed officers.Rey is grateful that Kylo hid the collar. It made her feel more normal, more… human. At least, she was grateful until she realized why he had hidden it… When she sees Finn.And the look of utter betrayal on his face.Rey's heart sinks. Realizing how it looks to see her walking in beside Kylo Ren. Kylo shares words with Phasma, then smiles over at Rey as if everything was just chummy-chum between the two of them.Rey looks at Finn. His hands are tied and he stares straight forward. He stands on the edge of the hangar bay, deathly close to the edge.Rey stares at him, trying to make eye contact. So she can show him she cares. She wants to run to him. Seriously contemplates it— then feels Kylo's hand clamp around her forearm, holding her by his side.Captain Phasma speak. "Sir, we have found the prisoner, FN-2187, to be guilty. We sentence him to execution. To be carried out by his old squad mates."Phasma motions to six white clad storm troopers that stand in front of Finn. On Phasma's command, they raise their blasters.Finn squeezes his eyes shut.Finn's dark skin hides the damage he's suffered, but Kylo can tell.Captain Phasma thinks their squad's justice is a secret. But Kylo can see it in their heads. The gauntlet they made Finn walk through. The satisfaction as each baton left its mark. Kylo knows about their justice. The crude justice of the common soldier. It makes him glad. He wouldn't want Finn to die without suffering first.Rey tries to pull away from Kylo's grip, but it only gets stronger."Please… don't do this." She tries harder to get away from him. He lets go at the opportune moment and Rey falls to the floor."Kylo… Kylo Ren… Master. Please don't do this," she begs.Rey kneels at Kylo's feet and clutches at his coat. Tears stream down her face."Please, Kylo. Master. Let him live."Kylo motions for Phasma to wait. Everybody stares at Rey.Kylo is irritated at the interruption. He wants Finn gone. Wants him to finally pay for betraying the First Order. Everybody in the hangar wants it. He was tempted to just do it… but Rey was on her knees, calling him Master.He wants Finn out of his way, one less competition for Rey's affection. But he worries about losing his leverage over Rey if he kills Finn so soon.He looks down at her. Pleased at the sight of her begging. Maybe she's not as willful as he thought?Kylo's voice drips with sarcasm when he speaks. "Let him live.. and what? You'll do anything for me?"Kylo kicks her away from him. "What do you have of value? Do you think I value your cooperation so much that I would spare the life of a traitor?"Rey tries to control the sobs that rack her body. She looks over at Finn. Finn's face is set; prepared to die. But she's not prepared to let him go."Kylo… tell me what you want from me." She crawls back to him on her knees.Kylo smirks at her. He takes his glove off and caresses her face with his bare hand. "Oh, Rey… I love to see you beg. How uncivilized you are to plead with me so." He runs his finger along her lips. She doesn't resist him as he presses his finger into her mouth.He puts a second finger in and Rey allows her jaw to drop, allowing him to plunge his fingers in and out of her mouth. Obscene, she thinks. A chill goes down her spine as it reminds of what he did to her in front of Poe.She tries not to recall the memory of him invading her mouth, exploding into her mouth and forcing her to swallow his seed… She feels Kylo invade her mind, read her thoughts, and the memory makes him smile. He conveys to her how much he wants to do it again.When he takes his fingers out of her mouth, he wipes the moisture across her face. She tries not to cringe away."You really will do anything for his life, won't you?"Rey bows her head in defeat. "Just don't kill him…"Kylo leans down so he can speak right into her face. "What I want from you is to obey me. To let me train you. Listen to me and don't run away. Do you think that's fair?"Rey nods. She has this feeling in the pit of her stomach that she's signing her death sentence."Tell me you agree. This is fair? I think it's fair.""Yeah, I agree. It's fair…" What other choice does she have than to agree?Kyo stands back up, smirking down at her. "We'll see how much you really believe that. He turns to the stormtroopers. "DON'T KILL HIM," Kylo's voice booms through the chamber. Kylo motions for the guards to bring Finn over to him.He motions for a stormtrooper to bring him something. It is a whip. He holds it in his hands and presents it to Rey. She stares at it through the tears in her eyes.In a patient manner he says, "Rey, get up. Unless you want to make yourself useful down there, get off your knees."She stands and he places the whip in her hand and wraps her fingers around it.He motions to the stormtroopers. "Bring him over here. And take off his shirt."They strip off Finn's shirt and push him down to his knees."You're going to punish him, Rey. Do you think that's fair? He still has to suffer for his crimes. I put his punishment in your very capable hands."Ray stares in horror at the whip in her hand. She chokes her words out through sobs. "How many?"Kylo smiles. "I don't care. At least ten."He pushes her forward. Whispers in her ear. "The sooner you finish, the sooner we can be out of here. The sooner Finn can heal."Rey stares at Finn's back. Look around at the impassive stormtrooper masks staring at her. The only spark of humanity is Finn's back and Kylo's smirking face."Only ten?" she asks.Kylo shrugs.Rey raises the whip, cringing at what she's about to do. She swings the whip onto Finn's back. It lands with a sickening THWACK. Finn flinches, but doesn't cry out.Kylo stands behind her, his voice in her ear. "You better do it harder than that. Or I'll do it. A hundred times. And I'm a lot stronger than you, Rey."Rey prepares to hit again, swinging harder. THWACK. This time Finn grunts.Kylo rolls his eyes. "That's weak. You can do better than that."Tears roll down Rey's face. She feels disgusted with herself for doing this. She swings again. THWACK. She wishes it was Kylo on his knees…Kylo laughs. "You want to do this to me? You really are the little sadist. I think I've been far too kind to you."Rey swings again. This time in anger. THWACK. Forgetting for a moment that it's Finn's back she's hitting. This time he cries out and Rey regrets it.She swings six more times. Each THWACK makes her sick to her stomach.When she's done, she looks at Kylo expectantly. He regards her with an inscrutable expression. He takes the whip out of her hands."Go wait outside the door."Rey frowns. Expecting something different. Rey stares at Finn, who kneels, panting. She moves to the door. Hesitates as she opens it.She stands outside, still staring at Finn, when the stormtrooper nearby shuts the door in her face.Kylo relaxes when she leaves. He feels satisfied. He hands the whip to Captain Phasma. "Wait til I leave. Give him at least ninety more lashes. Then clean him up and heal him as quickly as you can. After he's healed, bring him to me. I think I finally have a use for this one…"He chuckles to himself as he moves to the door.When he collects Rey, she looks more vulnerable than he's ever seen her. Even without force powers, he could see right through her right now.He had planned on executing Finn in front of her. But this was so much better. He can see how disgusted she feels with herself.He grabs her collar and clips the leash back on. He leads her away from the door."What's going to happen now?" she asks in an uncertain and fragile voice.Kylo looks back at her, then keeps walking. Ignoring her question. After a few minutes he says, "Why did you embarrass me back there?""I—what?""Why did you do that? Are you trying to humiliate me in front of everyone?""I wasn't trying to humiliate you—""Getting on your knees and begging in front of everyone. Finn will live. But you've subverted the justice system. You've brought your disorder here. I can't allow that.""I don't understand. I couldn't stand by and watch my friend be killed!""And that's your problem, Rey. You make friends with murders, thieves, and traitors. You are no better than an animal."Rey stops and tries to grab the chain. "Wait a second!"Kylo yanks her forward. She cries out as she stumbles forward and is forced to continue at his brisk pace. "You could be better than this, Rey."He stops abruptly and Rey runs into his back. He turns around. "If you let me train you. Are you going to keep your word? I've kept mine. I've spared the lives of both your friends.""I will keep my word.""Tell me what you've agreed to.""I'll let you train me. I'll listen to you and do what you want."They continue heading back to Kylo's apartment. Kylo smiles to himself on the way.They enter and when the door shuts behind them, Kylo looks at Rey expectantly. Rey is confused at first, then it dawns on her. She slowly sinks to her knees.Kylo nods. "Good. You can be trained."Kylo begins moving about the apartment, taking his jacket off. Rey remains kneeling, watching him. But she quickly grows impatient."What do you want me to do?"Kylo barely glances at her as he puts his jacket in the closet. "I want you to wait there. Lunch is on its way."He comes back out and stares at her, dissatisfied with how she is sitting. He kicks her knees apart. "Wider. And put your hands like this…" He positions her hands on her thighs, with her palms in the air."And keep your chin up. Don't slouch. Push your chest out. Yes, that's better."Kylo watches her, feeling pleased. "We'll begin training you with the force.Rey wakes up cold. The floor in front of Kylo's bed always seems to be cold. The entire base was cold. A seeping cold that got into her bones. The only warmth Rey felt seemed to be from Kylo himself. Which was… frustrating.She pulls the blanket all the way over her head. Curls into a ball. Hiding from the world. Hiding from him. But it didn't make her any warmer."Rey," Kylo's voice is warm and deep as he calls her.Rey tries to stay very still. Maybe he'll think she's asleep? Maybe she can ignore him?"Rey, I know you're awake. Get up."Rey grimaces. She doesn't want to move and pulls the blanket further over her head so that it completely covers her.Suddenly, the blanket is yanked off. Rey cringes as the cold air hits her. She weakly opens her eyes to see Kylo standing menacingly over her. His hair is tousled from sleep and his chest is bare. Rey wraps her arms around herself.Kylo gets back into bed. "Come here.""I don't want to get up." She doesn't know what he wants and the thought of getting into bed with him makes her anxious. So she continues laying there. But, as she does, the floor keeps getting colder."Why is your floor so cold?" she asks him.Kylo laughs.The cold is unbearable. So she stands up. Kylo is laying in his bed. He smiles and holds his arms out to her. "Rey, come here. Let me warm you."Rey's heart pounds in her chest. She starts to move towards him— he stops her. "Take off your clothes.""What? Why?"Exasperated. "You'll warm up better that way. Otherwise you'll just bring your cold with you."Rey stands there, frozen. Uncertain. She looks towards the door… Kylo shakes his head. She hesitates between going towards him and going towards the door to the living room.Kylo jumps out of bed. She tries to resist as he pulls the straps to her tank top down. "No. No," he says, his deep, bass voice firmly cautioning her. He pulls her shirt down around her waist and pushes her pants down, letting them drop to the floor.He drops his pants, leaving the both of them naked. He lifts the blanket and pushes her onto the bed. Kylo crawls in beside her, positioning her so that her back is up against his chest. He pulls the blanket over them.The warmth infuses her body and she relaxes. Kylo wraps his arm around her, pulling her tightly against him. She closes her eyes.Kylo runs his hand along her arm, then up her waist… to her breasts. He kisses her neck softly. Her breath catches as his hand grazes her nipple and he gently toys with it.Rey feels him harden at her backside and begin to press himself between her legs. She elbows him in his stomach and tries to push him away. He throws his leg around her and holds her tightly in place.He chuckles softly and whispers gently in her ear. "Shhh. It's okay. I'm not going to make you do anything you don't want to do."He kisses her neck. Kneads her breast, then moves his hand lightly down her belly. He gently sticks his finger between her legs, feels the moisture accumulating there."You're so wet," he whispers in her ear seductively.Rey shakes her head. Her heart is beating fast. "No… I don't want this…"Kylo nibbles her ear. "What makes you think I'd give it to you even if you did want it? I'm just responding to you… you jumped in bed with me because YOU needed to warm up…""No, I didn't."Kylo laughs in her ear, and in a swift and easy motion, he turns her onto her back, gets on top of her and straddles her. He pushes her arms above her head, holding her wrists together with one hand.He wraps his hand around her neck. He leans in close to her face. "You don't deserve to be in my bed… but I'm so compassionate to you…" He kisses her softly on the lips.He moves his hand from her neck and toys with her nipple. He pinches it sharply. He smiles as she jumps and cries out into his mouth.Kylo pulls back, releases her hands. She puts her hands on his chest and tries to push him away.He smiles. "Yes, touch me, Rey. I know you want to." He reaches back and she gasps as she feels his finger graze her vagina. "You're so wet. I can feel the need in you…"Rey bucks and wriggles, tries to hit him, push him away. He grabs her wrists and laughs. Her body pinned by his heavier weight."Do you want to fight me, Rey? Naked wrestling this morning?" He leans over her menacingly, taunting her as she squirms. "Do you want to kick my ass?"She glares at him and grits her teeth. "I want to destroy you.""Even though I've been so accommodating in giving you everything you want? Well, don't worry. You'll get your chance today."He puts her wrists down and slides himself up her body, so that her arms are trapped beneath him. His penis is hard and dangerously close to her face.Alarmed, she shouts, "What are you doing?"Kylo pets her face. "Shhh. I love your mouth." He runs his fingers across her lips. "Open your mouth. You remember how."Rey glares at him. She grits her teeth harder. Kylo raises an eyebrow at her. "You're going to fight me?" He puts his hands on either side of her face and she feels her mouth being forced open to as wide as it will go."You know I can take whatever I want." He sticks three fingers in her mouth. Then he leans down and kisses her on the cheek.He moves his body closer to her face and pushes his engorged penis into Rey's mouth. Pushes it all the way down to the edge of her throat.Tears stream down Rey's face as she squeezes her eyes shut. Kylo slaps her face lightly. "Don't close your eyes. Look at me. Yes… that's good."He braces himself on the wall as he pumps himself in and out of her mouth. He's force frozen her eyes shut and they burn and tear up as she is forced to stare up at him.His tousled black hair falls across his face as he stares intensely down at her.He moans as he begins to cum. He pulls out of her mouth to stroke himself. He positions the tip of his penis at the entrance of her open mouth as he finishes himself off.He squirts into her mouth, milking himself into her. He likes the look of horror on her face. For some reason the tortured look in her eyes makes him smile. He sighs as he finishes emptying his seed into her mouth.He pulls back. Rey's mouth is open, still force frozen, now filled with his milky white cum."Don't swallow it, Rey." Kylo pushes Rey's mouth closed. "Keep it in your mouth. Don't swallow and don't let any fall out."He gets off of her. "Remember that I have your friends. Finn and Poe. If you don't do what I say, I'll make sure one or both of them suffers." Kylo grabs her hands and pulls her out of the bed and up to her feet. Her eyes are red and teary. She cannot speak with her mouth full.He leads her by the hand into the living room. He pushes her into a kneeling position. Rey is too shocked to resist him. He kicks her legs apart and positions her hands, palm up on her thighs.Kylo puts his finger over her mouth and looks at her sternly. "I want you to keep my cum in your mouth until I'm finished cooking us breakfast." Kylo nods at her until she — barely perceptibly — nods back.Kylo heads into the bedroom and puts his pants back on. Then heads into the kitchen.It takes all of Rey's focus to keep from swallowing or spitting the warm, salty substance out of her mouth. She wants to close her eyes and retreat into her mind, but the kneeling position is difficult to hold, especially with her mouth full and she's forced to remain present in her situation.Her body is shaking. She feels the moisture between her thighs — the sign of her body betraying her mind.Kylo moves about in the kitchen. He continually glances over at her, hating to take his eyes off her vulnerable, naked form. He pulls out cooking supplies from his small kitchen. Begins preparing eggs for breakfast.He can see her shaking. See her struggling to stay in the kneeling position. He briefly dips into her mind - feels the agony she feels keeping his seed in her mouth. Sees her struggle. But he enjoys forcing her into such intense concentration - exerting all of her energy just to keep his cum in her mouth.He finishes preparing the breakfast and makes her a small plate. He walks over to her, thinking of how great she looked wearing only the collar he put on her.He sets the plate in front of her. She stares down at it blankly. He pushes her head back, forcing her to look up at him."Open your mouth. Let me see."Rey opens her mouth slowly. Careful not to let any fluid fall out. Kylo can see his milky white cum intermingled with her saliva.He smiles. "Good." He pushes her mouth shut and puts his hand over it. "Now swallow."Tears stream down her face as she squeezes her eyes closed — and swallows his semen."Make sure it all goes down…" he says, watching her.When he's confirmed that she's swallowed it all. He kisses her on the forehead. He runs his hand gently down her neck, caresses her breast. Runs his fingers down her belly, touches the entrance between her legs.He whispers into her ear. "I enjoy fucking your mouth so much…" He sticks a finger into her moist vagina. The intrusion makes her gasp. "But if you want me to fuck you, you have to beg for it."He moves away from her, going into the kitchen for his own plate of food. He brings it back and sits on the couch. He stares at her as he eats.Rey just stares at her food."Eat, Rey," Kylo orders.She reaches for her food — and stops when she sees him shaking his head."Hands behind your back," he says.She stares down at the food, hesitating."Do you want me to force feed you? Then eat." He leans back on the couch, shoving food into his mouth. "It's always such a struggle with you."Rey bends down all the way to the plate of food. Not even on the table this time. On the floor. She delicately laps up the food he's given her. Trying not to care about the indignity of it.When they finish eating, Kylo Ren takes the plates back to the kitchen. Rey stays where she is, glaring at him.He smiles at her, then yanks her to her feet and pushes her into the bedroom. "Get dressed. We're training today.""Our first day of training? Real training?""Yep.""And you start it like this?"Kylo Ren looms over her naked body, using his height to intimidate her. "Discipline and obedience, Rey. If you don't give me those, I can't train you."Rey exhales and angry breath, turns around, heads into the bathroom and slams the door. Kylo just shrugs and moves to the closet.He chooses to give her some space. But listens in case he hears anything breaking. He didn't want to leave his apartment in shambles every day. At least not from HER breaking everything.



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